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The Newsroom

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Series II , after a brief hiatus the the Newsroom story continues.... 13 new episodes gives us another glimpse into the dark and funny world of Ken Finkleman.

George Findlay (Ken Finkleman) and his staff are back in the newsroom where pettiness and moral bankruptcy are taken to new depths. New faces, new phobias, new issues and…. Death haunt George as he maneuvers his way around the daily task of producing the news,

Also this season, News Anchor Jim Walcott (Peter Keleghan) returns to brighten our day with moronic interviews with luminaries like Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky .

Seasons 1 & 2:

George Findlay is the News Director of the local station in Toronto for "a major government controlled broadcast network". His life is complicated by three factors; He is completely self absorbed; Most of the news stories don't happen they way or when he way he wants; And he functions in the Machiavellian bureaucracy of a government owned television network.

In every episode George is obsessed with a need to correct some perceived slight or inadequacy that consumes not only his energy but that of his staff as well. His incredibly bright news intern, Audrey, acts as George's unwilling co-conspirator in his incredibly simple made complex world.

Set against a constant flow of news items that run from the mundane to the catastrophic, the newsroom team works to put out a quality news show in an increasingly tabloid world. News Anchor Jim Walcott can always be counted on add his own private twist to any story. It may not always be correct, but then he can always rely on Weatherman Bruce Moffat to help out with one of his Top 10 amusing weather anecdotes.

In the newsroom, the wit is acerbic and the delivery is deadpan.

If you didn't know it was a satire you just might think it was ...

and for you die hard fans, the story continues in "More Tears" and the TV movie "Escape from the Newsroom".moreless


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  • David Huband

    David Huband

    Bruce Moffat (Weatherman) Eps. 6-12

    Ken Finkleman

    Ken Finkleman

    George Findlay (News Director)

    Jeremy Hotz

    Jeremy Hotz

    Jeremy (Segment Producer, Season 1)

    Tanya Allen

    Tanya Allen

    Audrey, (Intern)

    Julie Khaner

    Julie Khaner

    Sydney Dernhoff (George's Boss) Eps. 1-6

    Lisa Ryder

    Lisa Ryder

    Kris (George's Assistant) Eps. 1-6

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    • Irreverent and smutty at times, this show gives you a glimpse into what life in the newsroom is like. Everyone is part of the team in the newsroom, whether it be the corrupt producer, the conceited anchorman, or the normal assistant they each have their omoreless

      This show is absolutely amusing and underrated. Ken is a brilliant writer and actor, the smut is disturbing and hilarious at the same time. In the show the, executive producer George is absolutely a horrible person, but you can’t help but to fall in love with his absurdity. With his power in the newsroom, no one will confront him about his idiocy. There is a subtle shift in mood with each character that interacts with him as they find out how self absorbed he is.moreless