The Next Food Network Star

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The Next Food Network Star

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Have you ever thought you could host your own show? Food Network tests that belief in this competition that focuses on both cooking proficiency and camera skills.

Season nine resets, in a way, to season six. The finalist head count is back down to twelve. Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis return as mentors, but back from behind the committee table. They will not run teams head-to-head this year. Each day's challenges, however, now number three, up from two. A new Mentor Challenge, a newly positioned Star Challenge, and a first ever Elimination Challenge. Continuing from last season is the viewer-voted winner, and brand new to this season are focus groups made up of Food Network fans and the chance for one eliminated chef to come back in the finale. Through it all the finalists must always demonstrate the overarching theme of this competition: excellence in the kitchen, ability to share their points of view, and an on-camera that will enthrall fans and newbies alike. Join the fun as the brightest stars from the network and select special guest stars coach these hopefuls toward their dream.

The winner is awarded his or her own Food Network show produced by the team leader, and a feature in Food Network Magazine. Produced by CBS Eye Too Productions.

Broadcast History:

• Season One – Eight Finalists (one team of two); Hosted by Marc Summers; Committee: Bob Tuschman, Susie Fogelson, and Gordon Elliott; Aired at 9:00 pm E/P.

• Season Two – Eight Finalists; Hosted by Marc Summers; Committee: Bob Tuschman, Susie Fogelson, and Bobby Flay; Aired at 9:00 pm E/P.

• Season Three – 11 finalists; Hosted by a Different Food Network Personality Each Week; Committee: Bob Tuschman, Susie Fogelson, and Each Week's Host; Aired at 9:00 pm E/P.

• Season Four – 10 finalists; Hosted by Bobby Flay; Committee: Bob Tuschman, Susie Fogelson, and Bobby Flay; Aired at 10:00 PM E/P.

• Season Five – 10 finalists; Hosted by Bobby Flay; Committee: Bob Tuschman, Susie Fogelson, and Bobby Flay; Aired at 9:00 PM E/P.

• Season Six – 12 finalists; Hosted by Bobby Flay; Finalists Mentored by Giada; Committee: Bob Tuschman, Susie Fogelson, and Bobby Flay; Aired at 9:00 PM E/P.

• Season Seven – As Food Network Star – 15 finalists; Hosted by Bobby Flay; Committee: Bob Tuschman, Susie Fogelson, Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis; Aired at 9:00 PM E/P.

Season Eight – As Food Network Star – 15 finalists; Mentors: Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis; Committee: Bob Tuschman, Susie Fogelman; Aired at 9:00 PM E/P. (Note: For reasons never fully explained by the network, this season's winner parted ways with their mentor and had the previously guaranteed six-episode show shrunk to a one-hour special.)


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AIRED ON 8/11/2013

Season 9 : Episode 11

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    IRON CHEF bobby flay owns multiple restaurants and has about a gazillion shows on the food network channel and he is all over the other food network channel. alton brown also has a bunch of shows he hosts (good eats, cutthroat kitchen and iron chef.... to name a few) plus he knows EVERYTHING about food. i mean he is on a genius level when it comes to knowing about every product, what it is, where it comes from, what will go with what etc. need i say more about these two being mentors in searching for the next food network star! but GIADA???? WHY DID THEY PICK HER!!! she has one, maybe two sometimes, shows on far as i know, she is a stay at home mom (there is nothing wrong with that) but she doesn't own any restaurants, she doesn't do any other show, she doesn't host or judge anything else besides NFNS. i mean there is no comparison between the 3 of them. food network should have picked someone else for this job. just to name a few IRON CHEF alex guarnaschelli, rachel ray, ina garten etc... they had so many choices and i don't think she is the right person for the job. she seems kind of stuck up, with no patience, she barely ever has something good/nice to say it seems. im almost ready to stop watching because of her. plus, she always stays in her comfort zone by almost always making italian food. how about one of the wonderful, full of knowledge and can cook anything they are handed, women i mentioned. i think she should be replaced either by rachel ray or alex g. im just not on the giada bandwagon but i love bobby and alton, one last thing, idk what happened the year that justin won and why his show wasn't produced but i do know that i liked that format of mentoring better than last year. the mentors really connected with their contestants. i mean when we saw alton break down when justin and the other girl were both picked as finalists in his group (unfortunately i can't remember her was it Marnie???). it was heart warming. it showed that they really connected and they wanted them to become the best chef (win or lose) that they could be. last year left me feeling that they didn't care as much. idk how to explain it but it just seemed they didn't have as much time with their mentors. the year justin won was the best format of the show, you could see the mentors really believed in the person who was up for elimination, if they continue with how they did the show last year, i know that they just lost one viewer, and food network executives replace giada with someone who has a wider range of knowledge and is more caring and sensitive and that has more than one show she is on. I MEAN IS SHE REALLY THE MOST QUALIFIED WOMAN FOR THE JOB?????? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!moreless
  • ridiculous retreds

    out of all the talented cooks out there, why does the food network keep recycling past competitors. for the most part these are past losers. it's almost as if the FN seems determined to create a spot for someone who just hasn't cut it previously--typically someone who is ridiculously extroverted or ridiculously controversial (taking a stupid page from Hell's Kitchen). it seems a channel called Food Network would make their primary focus culinary skill, not controversy. the most recent example I've noticed was that stupid, selfish bitch Davidi on Cutthroat Kitchen. I know I've seen her at two or three times already. Food Network could take a page or two from Top Chef--most of whose contestants could cook circles around almost anything the FN has to offer (including most of the Iron Chefs!) Everything about Top Chef is very professional from the contestants to the judges. I used to have a good half dozen FN shows I watched religiously; now I'm down to just two or three, especially Chopped which thankfully still has its real focus on food and cooking. come on, Food Network, let's get back to real cooking!moreless
  • Bring Stacy back!

    Giada said Stacy was guarded and not genuine. Really Giada? Love your show but I do not consider you to be genuine and real on tv at all!! Also, people I know who have seen your show feel the same. Yet, we love your recipes and that is why we watch you. Stacy is someone

    Everyone could relate to. She is the real deal. Great concept for her show too. You voted her out unfairly from the beginning. Sad.

    Still, my family and I love food network.moreless
  • the next food network star should be someone viewers will actually watch

    I would like to be on this show. I have one tape on you tube, but I don't have a camera crew so my progress hasn't been as great as I would like. But here is the link.....0UJ4NzHSyso. Or search Fancy Your Feast.
  • the next food network star should be someone viewers will actually watch

    I don't get why viewers don't vote throughout the whole season. Do the judges even know who watches their shows? Honestly there is no room for another Italian, Mexican, Southern or Indian food show. I don't want to watch a meal being cooked in 30 minutes, under 10 dollars or under some other premise that may or may not be possible. Ten dollars gets you a lot more in some places and heck, I can make a meal for 4 for under $5 and throw together a deli tray in 10 minutes. The only three I would watch from this years contestants are retro girl, the kid who's totally out of the box (he might even be in another box altogether) or Ippy- I don't know a whole lot about Hawaiian cuisine. I haven't watched a whole show from the last 2 winners but I'm hoping they get it right this year.moreless

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