The Next Food Network Star

Season 4 Episode 5

Enticing and Easy with Bon Appetit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 29, 2008 on Food Network

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  • Really one heck of an episode!

    Iron chef Cat Cora makes an appearance as she helps the aspiring chefs. I think that Lisa has the most to win and that she has it all. Charisma, beauty, and seems to know what she was doing. Adam and Jen struggled a lot. And that on the second dish, Jen like broke a bottle and didn't know how to do those noodles. The first dish everybody did a great job. But on the second dish, is the one that sent Jen home. Adam could breathe a sigh of relief as he thought that he was going to be the one that was going home.
  • good episode...

    Cat Cora came for this episode and first challenged the contestants to cook a dish with six ingredients that they were given and then describe their dish. The twist, they had to describe another's dish. Some of the chefs were terrible. The one that said it was linguine instead of a different kind of noodle was sad and so was the guy that ate for 30 seconds and said nothing. The other challenge was to simplify a dish that takes hours to days to make and create it in 45 minutes. I thought it was an interesting idea for a challenge. The chefs didn't do very well and I don't think they really had enough time. Overall, this was another entertaining, interesting episode.
  • The aspiring chefs had to make a dish with 6 ingredients, but the twist was that someone else had to describe it. Then in the elimination teams of two had to make difficult dishes in 45 minutes that a home cook could do.

    The dishes they did in the first challenge looked great, I thought all of them did a very good job. When you had to describe a dish that you had never seen on camera was hard, but Shane did it quite well. Jenn on the other hand had no clue that the udon noodles were not linquini, even I with my meat and potatoes palate can tell that difference.
    Then having to make complicated dishes in 45 minutes was a real challenge. I think the hardest one to do would be turducken, and the easiest one would be the chicken dish, because you could have used a pressure cooker to infuse the wine and bacon taste into the chicken and it would have made it much more like the stew like dish it is. The way the beef Wellington was done was innovative and not that hard.
    Jenn and Adam struggled in the kitchen in both. Jenn made a very bad presentation and then broke a bottle near the cooking surface, a real stupid and rookie move, you never hit a glass bottle near food prep, never, ever. She almost ruined the whole dish, and then her not getting the sauce done was a disaster, even a overly herbed sauced is better than none. Jenn went home, Adam has his bags packed and will either be next or Aaron. It looks like the final 3 will be Lisa and the two rookies. Lisa has the most experience and skill, but any one of them is watchable, not like the first year or last year when no one watched the shows, no charisma.
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