The Next Food Network Star

Sunday 9:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Jun 05, 2005 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Next Food Network Star, Episode One
      In the first episode of the two-part series premiere, each of the finalists is introduced along with clips of their audition videos, and reminiscing from the likes of Alton Brown and Mario Batali. Then it's on to their first challenge: the candidates must cook that simplest of all dishes: an egg. But here's the catch. They must create and demonstrate an egg dish that shows off both their skills and their personalities.moreless
    • The Next Food Network Star, Episode Two
      Part two of the series premiere features a warm-up and two challenges as the finalists continue to attempt proficiency in stressful situations on-camera. First up is an exercise using the teleprompter, but of course there's a catch. Then they are assigned the different tasks to frost a cake but must think on their feet when complications are thrown at them. Finally, Bobby Flay is on hand as a guest judge and the finalists must prepare and present one of Bobby's signature dishes, tag-team style.moreless
    • Next Food Network Star, Episode Three
      Tonight's theme is the finalists' culinary philosophy, and Mario Batali is part of the first segment as he discusses his own and gives them their first challenge: design a pizza that demonstrates the finalist's philosophy. Next, the contestants take the night to create a pitch for their "show," and finally they create a dish using the theme, "Summer Celebration."moreless
    • Next Food Network Star, Episode Four
      Tonight is all about multi-tasking, and Paula Deen drops by for a demonstration of the art. Two finalists go home tonight amid three challenges. First they must each choose two of Paula's dishes to demonstrate in seven minutes, then it's on to a free-form video cast about one of the ingredients in each of the contestants' signature dishes. Finally, the apex of multi-tasking is reached as they demonstrate their signature dishes whilst answering questions from the media.moreless
    • Next Food Network Star, Episode Five
      Tonight's extended finale is chock full of tasty events as the four remaining finalists present a dish for a morning show, and then create a "mini-pilot" of the show they've conceptualized. Then, as the public votes online or via text messaging, the eliminated finalists are brought back for a reunion before the winner is announced live.moreless
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