The Next Food Network Star

Season 5 Episode 9

FN Star – Finale

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2009 on Food Network

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  • The finale was worth the wait. Two exceptional potential pilot shows were shown. We got an insight to the families of the finalists, and some shots from the house and the antics of the chefs.

    I am very busy when this show is on and sometimes have it on while I work but DVR it for later complete reviewing. I was so excited about the two finalist that the tension kept me from watching, but with 20 minutes to go in the show I turned it on and saw Jeffrey's promo show and it was great. Then they went to diliberations and I was sure he won, and I was wrong.
    I watched it from the beginning and they both had great promo shows. Jeffrey can cook, there is no doubt about it. He has good camera sense and would have made a good choice.
    Melissa on the other hand was really rough in the beginning and she got better each week. Her cooking was never the question, it was her ability to cook and talk in front of the camera.
    I had picked her as one of the potential winners a long time ago. I saw her as the stay at home mom who can make a gourmet meal with spam and rice. She knows how to adapt with what she had, which she proved time and time again when given unfamilar ingredients and her putting them to perfect use.
    Jeffrey may tasted more exotic dishes, but given the ingredients I can only imagine what Melissa will do with them. She even surprised Bobby Flay twice with her integration of hot peppers into dishes, she had a wonderful ability to fine tune dishes, something I did not see in Jeffrey.
    Did they pick the right person to win, yes. There are many women who will see her show and her cooking tips as a lifesaver. She continued to amaze the panel with her tips and techniques and that is why she won, she seems to have something new to show everyone every time she had to do a presentation.