The Next Food Network Star

Season 4 Episode 2

FN Star On the Go

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 08, 2008 on Food Network

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  • This was one of the better twists in a while. I like the Dinner Impossible scenario. It is a shame that The Food Network is too high and mighty to let him continue in his show.

    This was full of twists, with the hunting down of the ingredients and then cooking on a train. I wish they all were this entertaining. Nipa showed that she may not have what it takes to go all the way.
    I was a little disappointed with some of the cooking in the first episode, this one some of the really bad ones showed they are not Hell's Kitchen rejects and could actually cook.
    The teams were interesting and was surprised how well some of them worked together and how dysfunctional one was.
    There were no spectacular dishes but some that I would like to try. Nipa, walking out will not win you the competition, you are lucky they need someone with your point of view of you would have been gone right then.
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