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"Spicy Challenge" Official Discussion (Spoilers)

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    Please use this thread for all discussion of the episode "Spicy Challenge."

    "Conversation is food for the soul." –Mexican Proverb
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    The first challenge was to use a chili in a dish, make a presentation in hopes of having your recipe featured at all of Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill restaurants for a week (I think). Brianna won and said she wanted to visit each of the restaurants.

    The second challenge was to recreate the best food childhood memory of three chefs. Jonathan Waxman and Susan Feniger were just on Top Chef Masters. They were joined by Eric Greenspan. The chefs were divided into three groups of three chefs. First was Jonathan Waxman's lamb and potatoes. Next was Susan's fried chicken with iceberg lettuce and blue cheese dressing. Last was Eric Greenspan's steak with mac and cheese.

    Brianna made fried chicken and waffles. Serena made an Italian fried chicken that no one liked, but she had a cute story. Brad won the day with his perfectly cooked fried chicken with malt vinegar aioli. Aarti made an Indian lamb dish with potatoes and Persian cucumber sauce. It blew Waxman away because it was so out of the box and absolutely delicious. Tom made some under seasoned lamb, but had a funny story. Herb's lamb and sides were all awful.

    Everyone missed the mark in the steak with mac and cheese category. How could you mess something like this up? Aria made fajitas that did not go with the mac and cheese. Hers was the least bad and won the group. Paul made pork and spaetzle, completely different from what he was supposed to do. Daz did not know what prime beef was with an odd sauce. I thought Herb would be going home but Daz was judged as the one who would not be able to learn fast enough to earn his own show.
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