The Next Food Network Star

Season 4 Episode 6

Into the Studio

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2008 on Food Network

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  • Shane has a lot to learn!

    Rachael Ray makes an appearance as the five remaining contestants will be making a four minute appearance to cook and talk on her show. And they will be with girl scouts to make healthy meals and tasty for children. While I think Adam was the best with his personality and cooking skills. It was Shane that is only a kid at 19 himself. He didn't make any eye contact with his "brownie" Francesca. And that is what did him in. Think he has a lot to learn. Lisa is usually with charm but lost it in the middle of her segment with Ray. Aaron is improving a lot and has a long way to go.
  • good episode...

    The contestants get to go on Rachel Ray's show and cook with a girlscout. This is the point where we really get to see who would be comfortable and good on their own show. Surprisingly, the two that were the worst before did the best in this challenge. I thought that they did very well and I would almost want to watch one of their shows. I thought Lisa broke down and completely just stopped. I think she was the worst and should have gone home. Shane went home, which sucks cause he was my favorite. Seriously, send him home if he sucks, but to send him home because he hasn't gone to France? Come on. He's young, that's good, not a disadvantage. Anways, the episode was still very entertaining.
  • The five finalists appear before a live audience and beside no less than Rachael Ray and a junior assistant with four minutes to prepare a dish that is kid-friendly and healthy.

    At the halfway point in season four, the five finalists are poised to strut their stuff. They appear on Rachael Ray's talk show with their own Brownie (Girl Scout, not the dessert) and there are a number of surprises.

    Aaron's Shining Moment
    His culinary chops never in doubt, his nemesis ha always been the camera, the spotlight, the defining moment of presentation. But Aaron embraced this moment as he is a daddy himself and so he is right at home with his Junior Chef and knocks the ball out of the park.

    Kelsey's Authority
    All season long the judges have tried to get Kelsey (who I keep referring to as Casey) to 'grow up' and seize authority in her food segments. Well, she tried, bless her heart but it backfires. She connects well with her kid partner but makes Rachael do the actual cooking! Meanwhile, all Kelsey does is talk and it puts her in a vulnerable position of possible elimination. Thus ends a string of successes that has seen one recipe get published on a Red Lobster menu and another featured in Bon Appetit magazine.

    Adam's Inner Child
    On thin ice in the early going, there has always been someone just a little worse when it came time to get the boot. Adam has gotten this far on charm alone. The food for the most part has been undercooked and one more slipup and he would most certainly be history. So he comes out with his partner and absolutely kills! The audience loves him, Rachael loves him and the kid loves him. Most importantly, the judges love him and his food is delicious to boot! Lisa's Couscous
    By far the most complex personality in the competition, one never knows which Lisa will show up and whether we want to love her or hate her. No one has tried harder or invested so much emotional capital in her individual segments. Lisa the elitist shows up tonight and the judges nail her on bullying the kid to make dishes that she never even heard of, such as couscous. When on set with Ms. Ray, Lisa is obviously overwhelmed and intimidated by the affable Rachael Ray and shuts down emotionally. Ray rescues the segment but wll it be enough to rescue Lisa?

    Shane's Vicarious Journey
    Her name was Francesca. A real cutie, but Shane didn't notice. In fact he forgets her name in the only moment during the 4 minute segment he didn't ignore her. Shane admits he isn't comfortable around kids which is ironic because at 19, he is the closest to their age than any of his fellow contestants. At the end of the show, the judges probe his heart. Why is he so enamored with French cuisine? As it turns out, it has been through only what he has read and studied in culinary school. He's never actually lived it or even visited France. It's all one vicarious mirage. And although he has proven himself in the kitchen on most episodes, it has in the end been a technical achievement at best. The passion itself is absent and it costs him dearly. Shane is sent packing. He will not be accompanying his fellow finalists to the big Vegas showdown with Paula Dean next time. It's now anybody's game.
  • This one had a few twists to it. Only one dish task but it was something new. They had to talk to a girl scout and with their input make something healthy to eat and then show how it is made in a 4 minute segment on Rachael Ray.

    This episode turned the apple cart upside down. The two contestants that I had on the next bus home did the best and two of the more steady ones did not fare as well.
    I liked the way they integrated for the most part what the kids like into tasty food. The quality of food from all of them was good, and that is a first as some had been struggling with basic cooking.
    I really thought it would be Adam or Aaron this week as they have been circling the bottom for a while, but both of them had good overall showings on the show segment.
    What surprised me the most was the Lisa vapor lock, of all the people I would have bet it would not be her, but it was. I sort of understand Bobby Flays comment that she forced the cous cous down the kids throat, but when Lisa explained if you like rice or pasta you will like this I do not think it was that much of a coersion.
    Shane while he made tasty food has only a limited experience and his tasty French food format when he has never been there would not fly with me at all. At least the winner of last years show had been there and had cooked and trained there. Reading a book does not make you an expert.
    Kelsey did not cook, she delegated the cooking to Rachael Ray, for that she was on the chopping block. While she had not that much more experience than Shane she has more experience and that is why she moved on.
    I honestly think she is great but not what I would want on the network, we already have a gazillion shows with Rachael Ray and you are a clone with a cooking diploma.
    I see Lisa as the favorite if she can get through her deamons, Adam and Aaron do not have anything on her.