The Next Food Network Star

Season 3 Episode 7

Iron Chef Showdown

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 08, 2007 on Food Network

Episode Recap

For this day's challenges, the final four competitors were taken to the Institute of Culinary Education, where they were met by Alton Brown, and in their roles as Iron Chefs, Bobby Flay and Cat Cora. Alton introduced the two challenges: two finalists would battle, preparing three dishes using the secret ingredient while the remaining two would provide floor commentary.

The judges for the Iron Chef battles were Bob Tuschman, Susie Fogelson. Cat Cora and Bobby Flay. Judging of the food was done in the same manner as on Iron Chef America. Alton Brown served as guest judge for the eliminations, and participated in judging the commentary.

Each battle was one hour in length, and a sous chef was provided. The finalists were surprised when the sous chefs arrived: the last four eliminated finalists. Each finalist was allowed to select his/her sous chef: Amy chose Tommy, Rory chose Adrien, Paul chose Michael, and Jag chose Colombe.

The battles commenced, with Alton Brown standing in for the Chairman as the secret ingredient was revealed. In the first battle, Paul competed against Rory; their secret ingredient was striped bass. Amy and Jag provided floor commentary. Paul's dishes included a tropical seafood salad in a half pineapple, a poached filet with raspberries and ---. Rory's dishes included --- and a sea bass napoleon. During the battle, Alton quizzed Amy on panko breadcrumbs; although she was unsure about what he asked, she did her research and was able to provide the needed information. Later, Alton asked Jag if he thought the fish was wild or farmed, which Jag didn't know.

In the second battle, Amy competed against Jag; their secret ingredient was chicken. Paul and Rory provided floor commentary. Amy's dishes included a chicken lollipop, a stuff chicken breast with mushrooms, and a Moroccan chicken stew. Jag's dishes included a caribbean chicken soup, --, and chicken with saffron cream. In perhaps the most memorable moment of the battle, Jag's burning chicken set the smoke alarms off. During the battle, Paul was quizzed on the Italian tomatoes in use, and responded with a comic, but not well-received, answer. Rory has problems, too, when Alton called her on failing to provide some needed information, to which she replied with a sassy retort!

Back at the carriage house, the judges reviewed the day's challenges. Amy's food and commentary was judged the best, overall - she received glowing reports from all of the judges, making her safe for the week. She was soon followed upstairs by Rory, who, along with Paul, received some criticism for their lighthearted commentary. Paul and Jag remained, and Bob announced the judges had not reached a consensus as to who was leaving and who was staying. Each of the two was given a chance to make his case for why he should remain, before going upstairs while the judges deliberated again. When they were called back, Paul was informed that he was leaving. This left the final three: Amy, Rory, and Jag.
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