The Next Food Network Star

Season 3 Episode 7

Iron Chef Showdown

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 08, 2007 on Food Network

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  • This twist brought my favorite show into play. I am fan of the original Iron Chef and somewhat of the new show. To use that as a format for an elimination was different and exciting.

    I liked the way the show was done for the most part. One set of teams battled while the other were commentators.
    The only thing that was hard to watch was the selection of the sous chefs, when Jag got his, it put him at a huge disadvantage.
    I think Jag was superb as a commentator and I can attribute that to the fact he has the most skills in the kitchen. Paul and Amy made a nice set of dishes, but Amy was better. When they traded places Amy and Paul were not very good as commentators, and Paul was definitely not impressive. Rory also did not do a good job, so for the commentator part of the challenge Jag one hands down.
    When Jag and Rory had to cook, I was hoping he would shine, but the comments made by the Food Network on the Alton Brown episode were still fresh in his ears, about how is dishes were too complex for the audience and he toned it down to simple dishes, and that is not Jag. I do think Jag do the right thing by having his sous chef peel potatoes and keep her out of the kitchen.
    Did Jag deserve to go, no. I think behind the scenes they looked long and hard at themselves and had to take some of the responsibility for the dishes Jag put out. Paul is still learning but has not adapted as well in front of the camera as Jag.
    Who will win, I think it is a toss up between Jag and Amy, and it depends on how they do on the next episode. I think Jag has a lot more skill, has fire and passion, and I think Amy has skills but may not be of the right mindset to be away from her family or relocate her family to the New York area, and Rory, just does not make it for me.
    Jag has fire and if he gets a show, they will let some of that show on the screen, even the bad parts, because that is part of him. If you ever watch Rachel Rays 30 minute meals, you see her make mistakes.
    After last years selection, they definitely will have a better person for a show if either Jag or Amy wins. My question is what is it with Guy's spiked hair, that is so distracting.
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