The Next Food Network Star

Season 3 Episode 8

Meet the Press

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2007 on Food Network

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  • The show had a lot of twists and turns, but the outcome leaves me watching something else next week.

    Ok, we had Jag, Amy and Rory who did radio interviews and the Rachael Ray show. The question that was asked before they made a selection Do we have a Food Network Star? The gave themselves the shot by putting Jag in the finals, but when the truth came out he had to resign. They brought Amy back in, but I did not bother to vote, as we do not need a condescending French trained woman or a tall woman with big teeth and limited talent. We already have some talentless people on their network, please do not stuff one of these two down our throat. Jag with all his warts blows them both away. I can think of several others that are a lot more deserving. Remember Guy from last year, enough said.
  • wow - this was a shock!!

    So I think that all three of these stars have done really well during these competitions. Amy did wonderful, even though the Rachel Ray show wasn’t her best. JAG did make one slip up in the XM radio. Rory also really impressed me during the Rachel Ray 5 minutes. If I were not a vegetarian I would try her dish. And I may try the sugar coated asparagus and the potato dishes using some fake bacon. But she also did have a little slip up with the XM to when she was negative about Amy. The judges seem to really like Amy, are concerned about Rory’s consistency and concerned with JAG’s TV presence. So after all of these great comments I was sooo shocked at the decision!!. At this level the decision of who has to go gets harder and harder. Rory is the first that gets to stay, followed by JAG. Who would have ever thought that?!? Well after all was said and done, it turns out that JAG was lying so Amy was brought back to replace JAG after he removed himself.