The Next Food Network Star

Season 3 Episode 2

Potluck, Cakes, and Wedding Challenge (Part II)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2007 on Food Network

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  • caterers vs wannabes...

    So I have no idea what those people were thinking when they turned the most important day of their life over to the Food Network. Now that usually would be a cool idea – imagine Giada or Paula Dean catering your wedding. But that’s not what these people got. They got a bunch of wannabes (some not even chefs) in a competition catering their wedding. That is just a crazy idea. So because Amy won the cake competition she got to start first picking her team and she was smart and grabbed all the caterers. Their team worked as a well oiled machine and easily won, the other team, crash and burn.
  • This was a two part episode which had good moments.

    I may have watched 5 minutes of last years show and for some reason I decided to watch this season premier. I liked that they showed some of the guest chefs in the promo. The first challenge showed me a lot about the differences between this show and Top Chef. This show the chefs are there and actually give opinions while they are cooking. Duff was willing to show people how to do things with the wedding cakes, and Chef Robert from Dinner Impossible showed them different tricks in the kitchen, and gave an opinion on a dish to make it better, or in that case edible.
    I like that concept much better than a chef who peeks in asks questions and walks away. This show there has to be personality and cooking ability, the other one you can get by with no personality and just ability, like last year when Marcel made it to the finale, thank goodness he did not win, his ego would be too big for any kitchen.
    There are some people that stick out right away Tommy and Jag, some others are good, but most of the women they chose are wall flowers or overbearing, they will not go far.
    Jag has to learn to watch his facial expressions, Tommy needs to think more and cook better, but both of them would be great for shows. Let's see how this works out.
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