The Next Food Network Star

Season 5 Episode 1

Press Party for Food Network's 16th Birthday

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 07, 2009 on Food Network

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  • The new finalists get a challenge on their arrival, to cook a dinner for 75 in 4 hours for the Food Networks 16th birthday party. They are split into two teams and the season begins.

    It would be nice if they have not already picked the winner like it appeared last year. It became clear about half way through the season who the winner was, in spite of bad days in the kitchen. If that sham continues the winner could be the Korean American woman, the very happy guy that lives with his mother, or the stay at home mom, all three could give the Food Network shows or personalities in areas they are weak.
    As for the show, there were a few people with above average skills, and of course a few with lesser skills.
    There was not much in outstanding dishes offered, some were very good, but not one that wowed them. With this mediocre start, we can only help things get better.
    I will watch the show again to see what I missed. There are some good personalities, now one of them with some good skills in the kitchen would be nice. Please Food Network do not insult us like you have the last 2 years, two years ago the show lasted 6 episodes and how Aaron got a second season is beyond me, he lost me on the second episode.
    We can only hope this is a better season instead of a joke that it has become recently.