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  • Yes! Let the Audience Choose Who they Will Watch!

    My husband and I were so upset tonight at the finale of 2016 Food Network Star. Based upon the final two weeks of competition, we felt that Tregaye should have been eliminated as her food and presentations were she was Bobby's favorite so she stayed.

    Of the three pilots, we felt Damiano's was a clear winner. In his pilot, he brought the owner into the discussion which Jenard failed to do. Unlike Jenard, he did not physically block the restaurant's owner from the camera. Damian clearly explained what the kind of pasty he was discussing should be like. We felt his presentation was flawless. It was hard to compare Tregaye's pilot as she dealt with a restaurant not an owner of a restaurant. We are both teachers and are familiar with good presentations and would have voted for Damiano as the clear winner of the pilot. Loved it and would watch his show to learn how to make delicate pastries!

    On the other hand, both my husband and I found that though Tregaye was occasionally hilarious, on the whole, the flipping of her hair and her use of trendy saying was off-putting. I think this works for a small niche of the population but not for us. Perhaps, she will take to heart the comments and settle into a funny but humble Network Star. Officious Pride only goes so that I think she is I think she has developed some on camera persona that appears proud...

    Perhaps someone will give Damiano a show and we can watch it as we won't be watching Tregaye's .
  • Very disappointed!

    I have to say that I'm very disappointed with the show's results tonight. I often times find Tregay hard to understand and a little flaky with the silly expressions that she uses WAY to often. Yes she smiles a lot and is bubbly but I think her content is lacking. I think Damiano was much easier to watch. I almost feel like you just wanted a person of color to win. I can't ever see watching her show. It's just too fleeky ! You let better ones get away.
  • It's time to get real!

    The public is the audience for The Next Food . I think the public should have a vote as to who they would like to watch. Tregaye is too loud, she'd be the first one I'd turn off. The judges are not afraid to show who their favorites are. I think it's time for a new generation of hosts. I don't care who wants it the most, I care about who deserves the chance.
  • Subtitles for all!!

    I find it easier to understand Damiano than Tregaye. I have trouble understanding her, she talks too fast. I also find the three word vocabulary off putting, and am pretty sure she doesn't use 'on flique' (fleek?) in the right way---- but either way, if I never hear that expression again, it will be too soon. Why don't the judges call her out for over-using 'poppin', 'boo', and on fleek. I want to chuck something at my tv.
  • Giada, Giada, Giada!

    You STILL don't get it! You're what now -- 45? It's such a shame because you're a really talented chef. I have made many of the recipes from your shows and I have a couple of your cookbooks. I'm not saying that you should dress like a frump; just put away the boobs. It takes away from your talent, skill, experience, creativity and intelligence. It's vulgar.
  • Foodnetwork Star 2016

    I love watching food TV shows! I feel Giada's comments overall on the foodnetwork Star show is not only too critical of contestants but especially to those she doesn't rate highly. She makes faces and expresses her feeling quite clearly on the show. I am very disappointed that 'Anna' was eliminated. I thought Anna did a great presentation and she has come a long way. Giada commented that she 'didn't feel anything' about Anna's presentation whereas the rest of the judges liked it. So in the end, it was her subjective bias about the contestant rather than the standard of presentation, taste and creativity. I think her style of dress is borderline offensive. She should conduct appropriately as a judge and not hold herself out as the 'STAR Of the Thank you.
  • worse ugly cook

    Why not select a better cook other than big mouth, big teeth, slutty Giada?

  • Giada the whore at home

    Why would you have a slut with her breast hanging out on a TV cooking show which one of my grandchildren watch. Who's in charge of this show??? Get rid of the whore and the asshole who hired her and who gave her her own show (Giada at home). Very unprofessional !!!!!!!
  • Will it? I want the recipe !

    Will ahi ... patty melt? Of course. Too easy. Surprise win was will hummus calzone? Yes? Can I please have the recipe? This is the problem with Food Network these days. It's not about cooking. It's about drama. I don't learn anything about cooking on TV anymore. And I'm sad to see the Lunch Lady go. He was darn funny on the comments part of the show.
  • Barbecue Junior

    I think Eddie Jackson, has no personality an do not like him whenever he is on.
  • Giada

    Omg could Giada smile or fake smile any surprised her big ass mouth doesn't swallow her head and NO I'm not jealous or anything, but FAKE at its best. Please ditch her and add someone more sincere.
  • Jealous of Giada, much?

    I enjoy watching the show, and Giada is one of my favorite Food Network stars. I believe in tasteful dressing for women, as to not portray a negative light on women or draw inappropriate attention. Giada has only worn two dresses that I found a bit too much, and in every other scene she has just been beautiful and well dressed. I feel like the show seems staged lately, though...
  • Honestly Giada??????

    I too am upset with Giada's constant slutty attire. You don't see Bobby Flay running around wearing assless chaps at least not yet. What exactly are they trying to cook up on this show. Giving food porn a new meaning.

  • Disappointed in the choice of winner

    I was very disappointed in the choice of winner. Jay was the most consistent with his food skills and his presentations and he was the only one of the three who actually made his own dish during the pilot. So, why did Eddie win? He's a former pro football player, but I thought this was a show about cooking. Silly me.
  • Losing a fan

    I agree with the others I like the show but am disgusted with Giada's dress. If she is doing the show next season and dresses like a whore I won't be watching
  • Lost a fan for the next Food Network Star

    So rigged, it is shameful. Jay was clearly heads above Eddie( and Dom) in his food prep and his presentations all 10 weeks, especially the final episode. Eddie capitalized on his looks & bogus football star backround. He played 1 season for the Seahawks,14 years ago & was a mediocre player. Even Dom resurrected himself to be better than Eddie and his food, also was top notch. Bobby & Giada both said winning should be about the best food and the presenter with star was NOT Eddie. We have watched since Guy won the 1st FNS but are done. Politics has triumphed over truth.
  • What are we really selling here? Food or sex?

    I have to say I agree with the other viewers who are disgusted with Giada and her choice of dress. I agree professionalism includes choice of dress. I am a teacher and how would I look dressing this way on the job? Is it me or does it seem she flirts with the contestants? Also unprofessional....

    Please do not let Giadas dress deter you from watching this show/network. It is GOOD STUFF.

    What I really got on this comment section for was to talk about the finalists and how each is deserving. But that Eddie
  • Couldn't watch the finale

    I was excited about the finale and thought Giada would be presentable, but alas I turned it off. I thought I was supposed to be watching what is billed as a "family station" but instead it was almost pornographic. Professionals should be that - especially in the way they dress. Too bad, Food Network, you've lost a fan. Please clean up your act, Giada.
  • Giada, put the boobs away

    Love the show but not warching next season if Giadas boobs are in the way. It's about the food people!
  • Enough of Giada

    Tired of Giada's boobs. Will not watch next season if it is all about Giada's cleavage.
  • Giadia

    I am so disgusted with her choice of clothes.... It's like she is making it all about her.... This isn't a porn channel..... I have never really cared for her but in all the past years I have looked past her because I love the show BUT for some reason this year almost every outfit worn was practically street corner attire! I think it is time for a new host...
  • Giada is inappropriate!

    I wish the show was about the Next Food Network Star but it's all about Giada and the judges! Please put an appropriate dress on Giada. We don't need to see her boobs every is inappropriate. I know she has a famous Grand Father but really! Please make it about the contestants! again! The show used to be good... I love all three finalist! I am pulling for Dom! I think he has the most creative food and a genuine upbeat personality! A great Italian New Yorker! His on air presence when it is not staged is great! He is hilarious! He has a huge following! I beg you to make it about the contestants again!
  • Tasteless

    Giada's clothing is classless and inappropriate.
  • Is it just me being critical?

    it seems the show becomes more and more about the judges instead of the contestants! Giada must think she has a great smile because that is all she does and now we get close ups and profiles while they taste the food and the contestants get barely any genuine tips etc. Also, it seems to me that Alex) didn't make his sandwich yesterday because the first "sandwich king" was on as a guest judge! I mean, the guy didn't have his own premise for his show but I didn't think we needed another sandwich king. Especially when the first one comes off way too goofy without the taste to back him up overall. I used to love this channel but so many repeats and silly shows. Valerie Bertinelli now has her own show too? I like her as an actress but a chef? c'mon....
  • Wardrobe malfunction :\

    Giada's wardrobe is much too revealing for this type of programming - cleavage and crop tops?
  • super cool program and great comments from the judges

    Can someone tell me how I can get into this competition. Thank you
  • Alex Mc Coy

    It bugs me when he puts his hair back behinds his ear then he touches his food. GROSS!! He either needs to cut his hair or wear a ball cap
  • Hardly Any Cooking Any More

    What has been happening to the Network that was about cooking? Guy Fieri: Junk Food is now on 8 times a day. He is not cooking but showing awful food. Ina and Bobby F. may be the only cooks left that actually cook. Why not move to some of the vegan shakes? What are they? What is in them? and Why are they good for you? Simply stuff too: How to cook a good steak. I don't like the shows that make fun of the chefs or humiliate them with stupid games. Used to always tune in, still do, but leave unsatisfied.
  • ok your public has judging time

    ok here we go The Pioneer Women I turn off as soon as I here the intro music her food and her personality are dull and boringHer crap re home school is a joke most of the time the kids are ranch hands when there is school she sends the older kids to teach not her. One of her sons wrote a card for his great grandmother that was unreadable. We know where education is in her life. Alton Brown he use to be a neat scientist explaining the cooking process neat and informative. now Cutthroat Kitchen is a horrible to to watch and an insult to the Chefs that are professional plain stupid. Now here is a gift. Giada.. the old giada was enjoyable she actually ate what she made the new Giada walked out with Bobby for a new show looking like a hooker. Her boobs hanging out and she looked like she was selling something other than food. I can no longer let grand kids see what use to be a family show. Do what you want in your personal life its not to be plastered all over Tv. Guy I love Guys other big bite but I am getting tired of the lack of cooking on his part and Triple D and the numerous reruns. The Grocery games that's not cooking. Trisha's southern cooking I hate that show her food is I don't even have a work her music is grand but not the cooking. Chopped is super all of the judges seem to be supportive and kind and enjoy competing against each other except the queen Shohan sp?? She is very

    curt for those trying to please her and doesn't seem to partake in the other judges competing games. Now we have Chopped Canada with the sex addict enough said.

    Here we have Damaras Phillips Southern at heart now thats a woman that can cook tells you why she does something and introduces you to new products a real cooking whole group of us watch her show. She is informative and fun you can learn a lot from her. Bobby flay COOKS on all his shows. and is informative and humble Ok so he is easy on the eye Burrell is super and always teaches you something Jacques Torres is amazing. I just adore Ming Tsai he is funny and shows you the in and outs of his cooking Michael Chiarello he is wonderful and has super ideas. Emerill What can say he and Julia got us all started oh and Graham Kerr. Thats what cooking is not this Las Vegas crap your dishing out. Nancy on farmhouse rules is a refreshing and informative change. Iron chef is super. Mario Batali acts like a dirty old man and that he is better than every one else. He is also sloppy in his plating. I am Rachel Rayed out to much of her while her her food is good and serves a clientell there is to much of her. Sandra lee is great at adapting her cooking to being semi homade she serves her own clientell and that's what you want a cook who cooks and has a niche . I am praying for her I also have had double mastectomies. I loved the fat ladies prior to one of there deaths i purchased the Puck just simply put Marvelous Darling. Alex we love you girl. Geoffery Zakarian I'm making you an apron looks like tux get rid of sports coat it looks out of place. Fondly, Sally Buckley

  • stopped after 2 seasons

    The show is great and exciting but the decision making by the judges really frustrate me. Its possible that theres more to their reasons but if i dont see it, it doesnt matter. netflix only has seasons 9 and 10 so i only watched those two. There were a few bad judgement calls in Season 9 and I feel like they picked the wrong winner but thats fine. Season 10 during the youtube THE PAYDAY MONSTER VIDEO WAS WAAYYY MORE AWESOME! I can barely remember the other 2. Everyone that i know that watched it was appalled by the decision. I can still remember how funny and ridiculous it was. The Reese one was about to put me to sleep and even though I love Emma, she wasnt that memorable.

    I personally think Aryan shouldve been kicked off for her lack of cooking skills earlier, but in the commercial she was awesome. I heard every word and she was hilarious.

    Also the cutthroat kitchen with Lenny, how bad could that piece of bread be? Also it was a barely significant part of his dish. if Bobby could swallow Kenny's weird contraption than he can swallow a piece of dry or tasteless bread. Atleast spit for better reasons.

    I love Giada and Alton but it makes me too angry to see the wrong contestants get booted. I rather watch Iron chef or Hells kitchen, Gordon Ramsey makes better decisions.
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