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  • Will Someone please start a new cooking network that actually involves cooking?

    I totally agree with Matt Really. I cannot stand Matt and would absolutely NEVER watch a show with him as host. this is not to mention the fact that he cannot cook. He is a totally slimy,arrogant person. However, I imagine Giada is happy now that there are no women in the finals who might be competion for her and her always on display boobs.
  • Bad taste

    Giada's dress is cut way too low. This is a family show ! They have desciplined other contestants for "exposure", she needs to change clothes. I don't want my boys to watch, she looks cheap!

    I used to LOVE the Next Food Network Star, but the judges have such blah personalities that they lose my interest. Bobby is so popular, and while I understand he's a great cook, he's severely lacking in charisma. Giada is all teeth and bosoms, which she loves to show. Even if you don't replace Booby, PLEASE replace Giada. She doesn't have the personality to hold attention - perhaps that's why she dresses like she does, which is embarrassing. I don't understand why the network executives allow such low-cut dresses on a family show. She may be a good cook - I don't know since her shows never hold my interest - but she's not authorative enough and she's not believable as an expert.

    Please bring someone else on to judge. Perhaps that woman with the blond spiked hair who used to help restaurants select their next chef? She's everything Giada is not: authorative, with personality. She's believable, AND holds my attention.
  • Please Replace Giada

    Giada is not professional at all. She dresses inappropriately as a judge. She tries to make it about her appearance instead of the contestants who, wonders of wonders, all dress appropriately for the show. I'm assuming the reason she chooses to dress provocatively is she is either immature or not very bright. She doesn't understand dressing for success. She sets woman back by dressing too sexy for the show. Keep your fake boob covered when on TV. Save it for an adult atmosphere. Would it be okay for Bobby Flay to dress in a muscle man shirt?? Please replace her with a professional chef.
  • FNS winner was wrong

    Terrible FNS result; Tragae was extremely annoying and should NOT have won and I will NOT watch her show EVER. Damiano should have won.
  • Bad Choice

    The only contestant who really deserved to win and whose program I would have watched was Damiano. I will MOST DEFINITELY NOT watch the overbearing, obnoxious, loud mouth Tregaye. She is neither funny nor cute like she thinks she is. Bobby and Giadda what were you thinking??? The tv audience should be able to vote also, after all, they would be the ones wanting to watch the show.
  • Foodnetwork Star 2016

    I love watching food TV shows! I feel Giada's comments overall on the foodnetwork Star show is not only too critical of contestants but especially to those she doesn't rate highly. She makes faces and expresses her feeling quite clearly on the show. I am very disappointed that 'Anna' was eliminated. I thought Anna did a great presentation and she has come a long way. Giada commented that she 'didn't feel anything' about Anna's presentation whereas the rest of the judges liked it. So in the end, it was her subjective bias about the contestant rather than the standard of presentation, taste and creativity. I think her style of dress is borderline offensive. She should conduct appropriately as a judge and not hold herself out as the 'STAR Of the Thank you.
  • worse ugly cook

    Why not select a better cook other than big mouth, big teeth, slutty Giada?

  • Giada the whore at home

    Why would you have a slut with her breast hanging out on a TV cooking show which one of my grandchildren watch. Who's in charge of this show??? Get rid of the whore and the asshole who hired her and who gave her her own show (Giada at home). Very unprofessional !!!!!!!
  • Barbecue Junior

    I think Eddie Jackson, has no personality an do not like him whenever he is on.
  • Losing a fan

    I agree with the others I like the show but am disgusted with Giada's dress. If she is doing the show next season and dresses like a whore I won't be watching
  • Lost a fan for the next Food Network Star

    So rigged, it is shameful. Jay was clearly heads above Eddie( and Dom) in his food prep and his presentations all 10 weeks, especially the final episode. Eddie capitalized on his looks & bogus football star backround. He played 1 season for the Seahawks,14 years ago & was a mediocre player. Even Dom resurrected himself to be better than Eddie and his food, also was top notch. Bobby & Giada both said winning should be about the best food and the presenter with star was NOT Eddie. We have watched since Guy won the 1st FNS but are done. Politics has triumphed over truth.
  • Couldn't watch the finale

    I was excited about the finale and thought Giada would be presentable, but alas I turned it off. I thought I was supposed to be watching what is billed as a "family station" but instead it was almost pornographic. Professionals should be that - especially in the way they dress. Too bad, Food Network, you've lost a fan. Please clean up your act, Giada.
  • Giadia

    I am so disgusted with her choice of clothes.... It's like she is making it all about her.... This isn't a porn channel..... I have never really cared for her but in all the past years I have looked past her because I love the show BUT for some reason this year almost every outfit worn was practically street corner attire! I think it is time for a new host...
  • Tasteless

    Giada's clothing is classless and inappropriate.
  • Hardly Any Cooking Any More

    What has been happening to the Network that was about cooking? Guy Fieri: Junk Food is now on 8 times a day. He is not cooking but showing awful food. Ina and Bobby F. may be the only cooks left that actually cook. Why not move to some of the vegan shakes? What are they? What is in them? and Why are they good for you? Simply stuff too: How to cook a good steak. I don't like the shows that make fun of the chefs or humiliate them with stupid games. Used to always tune in, still do, but leave unsatisfied.

    I WOULD NEVER WATCH HIM HE IS WEIRD I AGREE. He is obnoxious and fake. He is NOT a cowboy that I would find attractive. You lost another viewer foodnetwork

    Lenny? REALLY??? People voted for this clown-fake cowboy ? REALLY????? Add him to the clown lineup w/ Jeff Mauro, all seeking the supporting role of the now-over saturated Guy. What? Did the FN viewers pull themselves away from "Duck Dynasty" and "Big Smo" just long enough to vote?
  • Horrible

    I am simply SICK 'n TiRED of seeing the same 3 judges, PERIOD!! I can't stand GIA Ms. Italian Chef, she thinks she's all that - and really she is SOOOO conceited. The only one, that knows anything about food, is BOBBY *** How about choosing someone else? Why always ALTON. HE needs to stay on Iron Chef - and, keep him there! Gia should just stay on her little cooking show, showing off her pearly whites - and Bobby, well Bobby - knows more, than the BOTH of them! HOW ABOUT PUTTING ALEX G & AARON SANCHEZ, W/ BOBBY. IF THEY HAVE THE SAME CRAP AGAIN - I WILL NO LONGER WATCH THIS CRAP! ALEX BEATS OUT GIADA ANYTIME, ANYWHERE ---
  • This show has become CRAP!

    I can't believe they sent Emma home. Why do they always send home the nice calm people? Remember the Hawaiian guy a couple seasons ago ?? Emma is GREAT... she was a pleasure to watch. Obviously food network only likes loud, annoying, brash people on their channel. Alton, that white haired spikey Guy and the lady that looks just like him... don't remember her name.. that demaris from last season is just unwatchable! I'm done with this show!
  • Show has lost its POV!!!

    Ridiculous set-ups for finding a star who cooks.

    They obviously want a loud and brash to replace Paula should not have been thrown under the bus. However, s he is in good company. Emeril and Mario... the last 2 are on food Channel.

    Giada is so Smug and Fake smile makes my face hurt. Alton, ever the professor! Ugh! best of these be Bobby.

    This network cannot be merely THE GUY FIERI NETWORK !!! But IS! Ina, Chopped, say no!

    PLEASE watch Top Chef: It is Top Class! And master Chef is Excellent also. Giada, by the way, would not be here if she was Giada Smith. Dilaurentis carries a lot of power in the name!
  • Are you serious???

    This episode almost makes The Real Housewives of (name whatever city you want!) look polished, informative and entertaining. Positively, cringe worthy
  • Call it a non-cooking show

    Idiot games that do not demonstrate an ability to make delicious food for real people. Give me a break, people! Not only have I given up on this season but am thinking about cancelling my tv satellite. I want interesting cooks who could teach me new techniques, not mean and sadistic behavior to "win" a show. How is this talent? Ho HUM! I give it a 1 out of 10. I still like Alton in spite of his idiot new show. Surely he will come up with something usefull one day.
  • Lost My Appetite for Food Network

    I used to be an avid watcher of Food Network, but in the past 3 or 4 years things have taken such a downward slide that I seldom watch anything there anymore. In general, the quality of the shows and the "stars" has bottomed out--seriously, is there anyone else besides Guy F on their channel? I've watched the first few episodes of The Next Food Network Star and I fear they are truly hitting rock bottom. I hate Cutthroat Kitchen, so that episode was definitely not something I enjoyed. This past week they didn't even bother having the contestants cook. Alton, Bobby, and Giada (or should we call her Bubbles) have become such pretentious asses, it's hard to watch and not be embarrassed for them. Someone over at the network (speaking of pretentious asses) should take heed and get back to basics while there are still some people watching.
  • Eric?!?! Really??!!??!!

    This has to be probably the most assanine decision you guys have ever made .. or at least since the JAG fiasco. You take the one guy ... the one true chef in the competition ... and you can him. Actually, you had two of the better ones on the chopping block while keeping the "butch" cook, who no one will watch (and you know that without any prejudice at all), and the "babbling blonde, who can't put together a whole line of thought. Both of those should already be gone, but they are still there and the real chefs are being cut. Talking about cutting your nose off to spite your face!!!! This is as bad as the time you canned JAG and then, a few weeks later, decided to keep Robert Irvine after finding out he lied (double standard). None of that worked out well. And to make the whole Irvine thing worse, you now have him entertaining Michelle Obama. What next??? Have you really stooped so far that you will sacrifice actual food artistry for political correctness??? Unbelievable!!! Why do politics have to pollute this area of our lives too????
  • Food Network doesn't care what the audience thinks.

    I've gotten the impression that The Next Food Network Chef results are a foregone conclusion before the competition even begins. Like most of the food competition shows on Food Network these days, the judges seem to consider themselves so superior to the viewers that they make their choices without considering what the rest of us think or what we want to watch. It's symptomatic of the "new" Food Network. I'm beginning to appreciate all the reruns on The Cooking Channel. Give me The Barefoot Contessa anytime over the dingy, giggly new Food Network personalities, and I'd much rather watch Behind the Bash or even the good old Door Knock Dinners rather than seeing chefs trying to create dishes with the awful ingredients that they're offered on Chopped. I agree with the previous poster who commented on Food Network's new direction; that direction is definitely down.
  • It's no wonder they don't let the audience decide!!! The finale was a farce.

    I like cooking shows, and I didn't watch reality shows until the cooking ones came along. I think Food Network is a great channel, but the finale this season was ridiculous.

    I liked Lisa because she was polished and focused, plus, she's a Texas girl, so I had to root for the home team. I'm not a big fan of pearls and high heels in the kitchen- but to each ones own. She definitely had a point of view, and the knowledge to back it up.

    Aaron. Hmmm. What I found strange was that he was so personable when he was "off camera," but every time the challengers had to demonstrate on set-he froze, or flubbed, or just didn't seem comfortable.

    Adam was a charmer, and even though I feel like a traitor to Lisa, I was really rooting for Adam. He had a built in gimmick for his show. He made the audience laugh, and he was pretty consistent in looking good on camera. I did wince a little when he sang to Martha Stewart, but I appreciated the fact that he just went for it. Because he didn't hold anything back, what could have been a train wreck actually turned in to a rather cute moment.

    I would have been happy if either Lisa or Adam had won, and once I realized that-I knew that they would pick Aaron, so I can't say that I was very shocked when they announced. Just terribly disappointed.

    What I think is very telling is the fact that they made it a point to say that the new show would air in one week. They've obviously learned from their past mistakes. The girl from last season-the one who wanted to bring French cuisine into the home? (remember? I barely do) I watched and watched for her, and somewhere around 6 months after she won, they put her show on at, I think, 8:30 in the morning. Some unholy hour, like that. I taped the first episode (yawn) and as far as I can recall, they only aired about 4 or 5 more, and then she was gone, gone, gone.

    I like this show because natural cooks are as welcome as trained cooks, and I'll keep watching the show. But sometimes the network executives are not as in touch with their viewers as they could be.
    I hope Bob reads the boards. Maybe next year we'll actually get a winner who deserves it.
  • Mathew

    He is the best! No Mathew? I will not watch this program anymore.
  • I disagree

    The show has not been interesting since the whole format has been changed. Had the three groups which was all wrong. Then just those two judging. What happened to the way it used to be when it first came on????? Loved it. Now boring. And damio or whatever his name is aint no better than the others. Lots of folk is used to italion food anyway, is that why everyone else who is different is not wanted? Same crap on foodntwork. No ethnicity, or different people or shows at all. same stuff. Glad something (different is there).
  • Giada is inappropriate!

    I wish the show was about the Next Food Network Star but it's all about Giada and the judges! Please put an appropriate dress on Giada. We don't need to see her boobs every is inappropriate. I know she has a famous Grand Father but really! Please make it about the contestants! again! The show used to be good... I love all three finalist! I am pulling for Dom! I think he has the most creative food and a genuine upbeat personality! A great Italian New Yorker! His on air presence when it is not staged is great! He is hilarious! He has a huge following! I beg you to make it about the contestants again!
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