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  • Ginormous food - gross

    Making ginormous food is disgusting! The wastefulness of throwing away the 7/8 part of the food that can't be eaten is wasteful and shameful! With the push Food Network has done to educate people about the amount of food waste for not-pretty food that the network does around thanksgiving (At minimum) should be a basic conflict of interest with this concept.

    This is so in conflict with the No Kid Hungry initiative too! Stick to the message that reflects your corporate ethics!
  • Bad taste

    Giada's dress is cut way too low. This is a family show ! They have desciplined other contestants for "exposure", she needs to change clothes. I don't want my boys to watch, she looks cheap!
  • What A Shame

    I don't understand how that woman moved on when her steak was raw. There was nothing wrong with with the shrimp and grits. I don't get it.

    I used to LOVE the Next Food Network Star, but the judges have such blah personalities that they lose my interest. Bobby is so popular, and while I understand he's a great cook, he's severely lacking in charisma. Giada is all teeth and bosoms, which she loves to show. Even if you don't replace Booby, PLEASE replace Giada. She doesn't have the personality to hold attention - perhaps that's why she dresses like she does, which is embarrassing. I don't understand why the network executives allow such low-cut dresses on a family show. She may be a good cook - I don't know since her shows never hold my interest - but she's not authorative enough and she's not believable as an expert.

    Please bring someone else on to judge. Perhaps that woman with the blond spiked hair who used to help restaurants select their next chef? She's everything Giada is not: authorative, with personality. She's believable, AND holds my attention.
  • Narcistic judges

    While many people love the cooking competions I am constantly disappointed with the judges who seem more interested in telling the world how smart they are than properly evaluating the competition. They can look at a wonderful effort and make a snide comment about it being improved if it had some obscure seasoning. It would be fun to see these judges gathered in competition and judged harshly. It would even be more fun to have a surprise comedy routine with comedians as judges who would make comments such as "I can't eat this crap or I would rather go to McDonald's ". It would make me happy to see these judges learn a little humility.
  • Where's the option to delete my post

    You won't let me delete it, you only let me edit it. So therefore I will edit it to say that I want it to be deleted.
  • Giada needs a stylist- and a lot more!

    If Giada has a stylist, she needs a new one! She's usually showing too much cleavage no matter what show she's on. Tonight, that blue dress, while covering everything, has those flappy attachments that look ridiculous! And her hair is bad! Look in a mirror before going on camera, especially before being critical of contestants on camera performance.
  • Contestants attitude

    I love food channel generally , i watched food network star last year too.

    Damiano should've won the previous season.

    Bobby is really a professional judge but Giada!!! Chill n stop eyeballing bobby so obvious how much she likes him but u don't have to show it that much

    That contestant mama suzan with her stack up attitude,chill u haven't won yet!! She irritates me

    Aside from that good luck for the rest


    I really enjoy this show and watching them meeting the challenges presented as they vie for their own show. Only one thing I wish they would stop. Quit saying "HI GUYS! when they start their video presentations. I AM NOT A GUY! Just a "Welcome" or "Hi"..... be original.
  • I disagree

    The show has not been interesting since the whole format has been changed. Had the three groups which was all wrong. Then just those two judging. What happened to the way it used to be when it first came on????? Loved it. Now boring. And damio or whatever his name is aint no better than the others. Lots of folk is used to italion food anyway, is that why everyone else who is different is not wanted? Same crap on foodntwork. No ethnicity, or different people or shows at all. same stuff. Glad something (different is there).
  • Please Replace Giada

    Giada is not professional at all. She dresses inappropriately as a judge. She tries to make it about her appearance instead of the contestants who, wonders of wonders, all dress appropriately for the show. I'm assuming the reason she chooses to dress provocatively is she is either immature or not very bright. She doesn't understand dressing for success. She sets woman back by dressing too sexy for the show. Keep your fake boob covered when on TV. Save it for an adult atmosphere. Would it be okay for Bobby Flay to dress in a muscle man shirt?? Please replace her with a professional chef.
  • Wrong choice for the winner

    Damiano. That is who the viewers want to watch.
  • Predetermined from the Start

    I no longer care to watch this There was no way that Tregaye should have won over Damiano. And for Damiano to go out first out of the three? Come on! Even Tia Mowry exclaimed about seeing ratings when she saw and heard him. I guess food network doesn't really care what the viewers think! The forces giggling and guffaws at Tregays nonsense was obvious. She wasn't funny. She isn't cute with her fake hair flipping and overly used phrases. I think she's obnoxious and Ill spoken. Apparently what food network doesn't understand, is that she's off putting enough to those of us consumers that can afford to spend money on the advertiser's products. Cookware, high end food, meal services... They are not for the fleek generation. I take it since we couldn't vote this year, that you already had your winner planned out. I fail to see any entertainment value in her upcoming show, and I also fail to see where there's an audience that would really like to hear about Poppin food and her "unique" take on fusion and making it cute. I didn't feel she should have even been able to make a pilot. Giada made sure she said they're just going to be judged on that one thing. Seriously? You really expect us to believe all that. I am glad you guys are all over tregaye because I'm pretty sure that the viewing audience will not be.
  • FNS winner was wrong

    Terrible FNS result; Tragae was extremely annoying and should NOT have won and I will NOT watch her show EVER. Damiano should have won.
  • Finale Gone Wrong

    I firmly believe that giada and Bobby were sorely mistaken in not choosing Damiano as the winner. He was the only one of those three finalists that I'd be willing to watch. What happened to the viewers being able to vote on who they wanted as the winner? Aren't our opinions the ones that really matter in the end? Damiano was interesting and different and did the best overall on the show in the long run not only in food but in presentation. I really enjoyed watching him grow throughout the show and always looked forward to seeing him present his food. I'm only a teenager and only really watch the food network for food network star but I definitely would have started watching Damiano's show had he had one after winning food network star. I also know for a fact he would've also appealed to my age group and given the food network even more viewers and good ratings. Although I respect trigaye, I'm super disappointed in the judges' choice to not make him the winner and give him the opportunity to make it big and make the food network even bigger.
  • Bad Choice

    The only contestant who really deserved to win and whose program I would have watched was Damiano. I will MOST DEFINITELY NOT watch the overbearing, obnoxious, loud mouth Tregaye. She is neither funny nor cute like she thinks she is. Bobby and Giadda what were you thinking??? The tv audience should be able to vote also, after all, they would be the ones wanting to watch the show.
  • Finals

    I think you made the wrong chose. Domiano should have been the new foodnetwork star. There are so many home cooking shows and cagin shows. I record most of the food network programs and only have one italien show. Nick Stallino. No pastries though.
  • Yes! Let the Audience Choose Who they Will Watch!

    My husband and I were so upset tonight at the finale of 2016 Food Network Star. Based upon the final two weeks of competition, we felt that Tregaye should have been eliminated as her food and presentations were she was Bobby's favorite so she stayed.

    Of the three pilots, we felt Damiano's was a clear winner. In his pilot, he brought the owner into the discussion which Jenard failed to do. Unlike Jenard, he did not physically block the restaurant's owner from the camera. Damian clearly explained what the kind of pasty he was discussing should be like. We felt his presentation was flawless. It was hard to compare Tregaye's pilot as she dealt with a restaurant not an owner of a restaurant. We are both teachers and are familiar with good presentations and would have voted for Damiano as the clear winner of the pilot. Loved it and would watch his show to learn how to make delicate pastries!

    On the other hand, both my husband and I found that though Tregaye was occasionally hilarious, on the whole, the flipping of her hair and her use of trendy saying was off-putting. I think this works for a small niche of the population but not for us. Perhaps, she will take to heart the comments and settle into a funny but humble Network Star. Officious Pride only goes so that I think she is I think she has developed some on camera persona that appears proud...

    Perhaps someone will give Damiano a show and we can watch it as we won't be watching Tregaye's .
  • Very disappointed!

    I have to say that I'm very disappointed with the show's results tonight. I often times find Tregay hard to understand and a little flaky with the silly expressions that she uses WAY to often. Yes she smiles a lot and is bubbly but I think her content is lacking. I think Damiano was much easier to watch. I almost feel like you just wanted a person of color to win. I can't ever see watching her show. It's just too fleeky ! You let better ones get away.
  • It's time to get real!

    The public is the audience for The Next Food . I think the public should have a vote as to who they would like to watch. Tregaye is too loud, she'd be the first one I'd turn off. The judges are not afraid to show who their favorites are. I think it's time for a new generation of hosts. I don't care who wants it the most, I care about who deserves the chance.
  • Subtitles for all!!

    I find it easier to understand Damiano than Tregaye. I have trouble understanding her, she talks too fast. I also find the three word vocabulary off putting, and am pretty sure she doesn't use 'on flique' (fleek?) in the right way---- but either way, if I never hear that expression again, it will be too soon. Why don't the judges call her out for over-using 'poppin', 'boo', and on fleek. I want to chuck something at my tv.
  • Giada, Giada, Giada!

    You STILL don't get it! You're what now -- 45? It's such a shame because you're a really talented chef. I have made many of the recipes from your shows and I have a couple of your cookbooks. I'm not saying that you should dress like a frump; just put away the boobs. It takes away from your talent, skill, experience, creativity and intelligence. It's vulgar.
  • Foodnetwork Star 2016

    I love watching food TV shows! I feel Giada's comments overall on the foodnetwork Star show is not only too critical of contestants but especially to those she doesn't rate highly. She makes faces and expresses her feeling quite clearly on the show. I am very disappointed that 'Anna' was eliminated. I thought Anna did a great presentation and she has come a long way. Giada commented that she 'didn't feel anything' about Anna's presentation whereas the rest of the judges liked it. So in the end, it was her subjective bias about the contestant rather than the standard of presentation, taste and creativity. I think her style of dress is borderline offensive. She should conduct appropriately as a judge and not hold herself out as the 'STAR Of the Thank you.
  • worse ugly cook

    Why not select a better cook other than big mouth, big teeth, slutty Giada?

  • Giada the whore at home

    Why would you have a slut with her breast hanging out on a TV cooking show which one of my grandchildren watch. Who's in charge of this show??? Get rid of the whore and the asshole who hired her and who gave her her own show (Giada at home). Very unprofessional !!!!!!!
  • Will it? I want the recipe !

    Will ahi ... patty melt? Of course. Too easy. Surprise win was will hummus calzone? Yes? Can I please have the recipe? This is the problem with Food Network these days. It's not about cooking. It's about drama. I don't learn anything about cooking on TV anymore. And I'm sad to see the Lunch Lady go. He was darn funny on the comments part of the show.
  • Barbecue Junior

    I think Eddie Jackson, has no personality an do not like him whenever he is on.
  • Giada

    Omg could Giada smile or fake smile any surprised her big ass mouth doesn't swallow her head and NO I'm not jealous or anything, but FAKE at its best. Please ditch her and add someone more sincere.
  • Jealous of Giada, much?

    I enjoy watching the show, and Giada is one of my favorite Food Network stars. I believe in tasteful dressing for women, as to not portray a negative light on women or draw inappropriate attention. Giada has only worn two dresses that I found a bit too much, and in every other scene she has just been beautiful and well dressed. I feel like the show seems staged lately, though...
  • Honestly Giada??????

    I too am upset with Giada's constant slutty attire. You don't see Bobby Flay running around wearing assless chaps at least not yet. What exactly are they trying to cook up on this show. Giving food porn a new meaning.

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