The Next Food Network Star - Season 3

Sunday 9:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Jun 05, 2005 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Finale
    Episode 9
    The finalists, Amy and Rory, return to New York for the announcement of the Next Food Network Star. Amy and Rory's culinary history, along with recaps and clips of each episode including reflections by the eleven contestants lead up to the reveltion of the winner by the Food Network's first star, Emeril Lagasse.moreless
  • Meet the Press
    Meet the Press
    Episode 8
    With three finalists left, it's time to face the media and an audience. First off, each finalist puts their best face forward when they're interviewed for the print media, on XM Radio, and has their first photo shoot. Later, each finalist must demonstrate their signature dish in five minutes on Rachael Ray's morning talk show.moreless
  • Iron Chef Showdown
    Iron Chef Showdown
    Episode 7
    Guest host Alton Brown calls the action as the four finalists must become Iron Chefs. In two battles, each finalist must complete three dishes with the assistance of a surprise sous chef: an eliminated finalist. As two finalists battle, the remaining two must act as floor commentators, demonstrating their knowledge of ingredients, and ability to speak extemporaneously in front of the camera. Judges Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson are joined by Iron Chefs Bobby Flay (also a guest judge) and Cat Cora, who evaluate the contestants dishes.moreless
  • Demos Challenge
    Demos Challenge
    Episode 6
    It's time for the finalists to face the camera for their first cooking demonstrations. Adding to the tension is guest judge Alton Brown, who brings both culinary and filmmaking skills to the competition. For the first challenge, the finalists must present a dish made of three randomly selected ingredients. Later, they face their worst nightmare: cooking with the ingredient they least like to use. This time, it's a five minute demonstration of a dish centered around the ingredient.moreless
  • Fort Dix Challenge
    Fort Dix Challenge
    Episode 5
    Giada deLaurentiis is guest judge for the first of two challenges which take the contestants to Fort Dix, New Jersey. In this competition, the finalists must add some flavor to an Army MRE (Meal Ready to Eat.) Later, Guest Chef Paula Deen joins the group, who must prepare a "home cooking" style meal in teams of two, to be served to 750 soliders from the base.moreless
  • NBA Chocolate Challenge
    Guy Fieri, Season Two Next Food Network Star winner, is the guest judge along with NBA star Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins. For their first challenge, the finalists must compete to prepare and present the best dish using chocolate. Later, their second challenge is to prepare and serve updated stadium food to fans at a New Jersey Nets game.moreless
  • Bon Appetit Challenge
    Giada deLaurentiis is the guest judge as the competitors have their first chance to appear before the camera, each presenting one minute of her recipe for Chicken Florentine. Later, the finalists compete for the cover of the July Bon Appétit magazine, preparing a grill-themed dish that best represents them.
  • Potluck, Cakes, and Wedding Challenge (Part II)
    Having survived the wedding cake challenge in Part I, the heat is on in Part II when Guest Chef Robert Irvine (Dinner Impossible) presents an even bigger challenge: cater a wedding reception for 100 guests. The contestants are divided into two teams, headed by previous challenge winners Colombe (Orange Team) and Amy (Green Team), and must stay on time and within budget while they prepare, present and serve a buffet dinner, with one addedd twist: the bride is a vegetarian, but the groom is not!

    After the dinner, the finalists return to the guest house for the first evaluation session, where the first two are eliminated.moreless
  • Potluck, Cakes, and Wedding Challenge (Part I)
    Season Premiere. The third season premiere of The Next Food Network Star introduces eleven new contestants and many new challenges! Guest Chefs Bobby Flay (Throwdown with Bobby Flay), Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes) and Robert Irvine (Dinner Impossible) join the finalists, presenting their first challenges.

    The action begins after a greeting from Emeril Lagasse (Emeril Live). The finalists gather in Food Network Studio A, when the they face their first challenge: prepare an original dish to be presented at a dinner for the selection committee. The next day, the heat is on when the finalists meet their first guest chef: Duff Goldman, who challenges them to decorate a wedding cake, something most of them have never done. But things look impossible when Guest Chef Robert Irvine prsents the day's second challenge.

    This season's Judges Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson are joined by Guest Judge Bobby Flay as members of the selection committee for the first round of challenges.moreless