The Next Food Network Star - Season 4

Sunday 9:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Jun 05, 2005 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Star Quality
    Star Quality
    Episode 1
    Ten new finalists are introduced tonight through challenges that focus on each one's "culinary point-of-view," how he or she translate that view into cuisine, and his or her ability to adapt the view in collaboration. All this presented to some of the Food Network's biggest stars.

    Mini Challenge: State Your Culinary Point-of-View in One Sentence to the Camera

    Main Challenge: Teams Prepare Three Dishes that Show Individual Culinary Points-of-View and a Melding of the Two Views in 30 Minutesmoreless
  • FN Star On the Go
    FN Star On the Go
    Episode 2
    Robert Irvine (Dinner: Impossible) has a rude –and very early – awakening in store for the finalists tonight when they're wakened at 3:00 am for an unusual shopping trip that will test their knowledge and prep skills. Then their forward motion becomes continuous as they must prepare and serve brunch on a moving train. The prize: a feature in USA Weekend magazine.

    Mini Challenge: Ingredient Search – Food Knowledge Test or Prep Task to Make Ingredient Choice

    Main Challenge: Train Challenge – Prepare and Serve Brunch to the Committee and 30 Passengers Incorporating All Three Ingredientsmoreless
  • You… In a Jar
    You… In a Jar
    Episode 3
    Tonight the finalists concentrate on their point-of-view and the personal touch as they create signature dishes using a potato as a blank canvas, and then package themselves into a product for presentation to high-end buyers and a very special guest. Mini Challenge: Express Your Culinary Point-of-View through the Potato and Then Present It to the Selection Committee via Camera Using a Personal Story Main Challenge: Create Your Own Food Product in a Jar and Present Samples to 50 Food Buyersmoreless
  • Being an Expert
    Being an Expert
    Episode 4
    It's all about culinary expertise tonight as Tyler Florence puts the finalists through their paces with skills demonstrations, and the new Iron Chef, Michael Symon, challenges their skill, creativity, and their sea legs as they serve a seafood lunch aboard a Coast Guard cutter. The prize: a place on Red Lobster's menu. Mini-Challenge: Produce a Technique Video in 60 seconds Main Challenge: Fresh Fish Challenge – One Fish, Two Waysmoreless
  • Enticing and Easy with Bon Appetit
    Tonight's challenges focus on the home viewers' needs. Iron Chef Cat Cora will hand out two challenges, one that deals with making the home cook feel they're experiencing the dish firsthand, and then one that simplifies a dish so it can be made at home. The prize: a feature in Bon Appétit magazine. Mini-Challenge: Create an Original Dish from Six Ingredients, then Describe it On-Camera Main Challenge: Reinvent a Complicated Dish, Making it Accessible to the Home Cook, along with Two Side Dishes, then Present it to Bon Appétit staff.moreless
  • Into the Studio
    Into the Studio
    Episode 6
    The finalists' skills are tested tonight with the creation of a healthy meal for, and in consultation with, a Brownie Girl Scout, and then – the surprise – its presentation on the Rachael Ray Show with the young assistant. Mini-Challenge: None Main Challenge: Create a Meal that's Innovative, Nutritious and Pleases a Child's Palate then Demonstrate the Meal to Camera in Four Minutesmoreless
  • Vegas Throwdown
    Vegas Throwdown
    Episode 7
    Tonight's challenge takes a page from judge Bobby Flay's book. The finalists compete head-to-head, making ultimate versions of both their signature dishes and their competitors' while being grilled mercilessly by the committee. Mini-Challenge: None Main Challenge: Make Your Own Signature Dish While also Making and Out-Doing Competitor's Signature Dish; Perform Quick Interview During Challenge with Extra's Dayna Devonmoreless
  • Ultimate Vegas Buffet
    The three remaining finalists get to see a little of Las Vegas tonight as they visit different Vegas hot spots to tape sample promos, then they rub elbows with performers and chefs from the strip as they try to improve upon one of Vegas' classics – the buffet. Mini-Challenge: Deliver a Scripted 30-second Promo for Your Show on Camera Main Challenge: Create a Lavish, Over-the-Top Monster Buffet and Entertain the Entertainersmoreless
  • Finale
    Episode 9
    The remaining three finalists return to New York and the Food Network studios where they pitch ideas for their pilots and then tape a version of the show, these are then screened in front of the Selection Committee, their fellow eliminated finalists, families and the press. This is their last chance to shine before the committee names this year's Next Food Network Star. Mini-Challenge: None Main Challenge: Create a Fully-Produced Pilot Presentation of Your Showmoreless