The Next Food Network Star - Season 6

Sunday 9:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Jun 05, 2005 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Iron Chef Battle
    Iron Chef Battle
    Episode 9
    The four remaining finalists travel back to Food Network's New York City home for their hardest challenge to date, an Iron Chef America competition that will test their camera skills, food knowledge and cooking ingenuity—all for the price of one. Camera Challenge Portion: Show Audience Engagement and Food Knowledge as a Floor Reporter Star Challenge Portion: Demonstrate Creativity with the Secret Ingredient for the Iron Chefs and the Panelmoreless
  • Retro Palm Springs
    Retro Palm Springs
    Episode 6
    Expertise in food and entertainment are tonight's challenges. First the finalists are asked to create an appetizer and then give their best party tip to the camera. Next, they travel to Palm Springs where they must each create a retro dish with an elegant pop for guests dining at Frank Sinatra's estate. Camera Challenge: Create a Unique Party Bite from the Three Ingredients in the Basket and then Demo It with Tips Star Challenge: Reinvent a Classic Dish with a Modern Twistmoreless
  • Rachael Ray Directs
    Rachael Ray Directs
    Episode 10
    Audience feedback will play a pivotal role in tonight's selection, but first the three remaining finalists must create their pilots, which Rachael Ray will direct. Then, in a first for the competition, the pilots are screened in front of a focus group whose reactions will be used by the selection committee to choose the Next Food Network Star.moreless
  • Cooking for Eva Longoria
    Family and emotions play a key role in tonight's challenges as the finalists are delivered an unexpected twist to the camera challenge by people they know, and then must devise a dish with a meaningful story for some star clients based on an emotion. Camera Challenge: Create a Signature Dish Featuring Your Least Favorite Ingredient Star Challenge: Cook a Dish Based on the Emotion Assigned to Youmoreless
  • Lunch Trucks With Paula
    Mid-terms bring tough critiques and even tougher challenges. First, the finalists play with merchandising as they are asked to create a product that fits in a jar, and then present it to a live audience. Next, Paula Deen and Bobby pair them and put them into lunch trucks where they will need to appeal to the quirky Venice Beach crowds in order to win the challenge. Camera Challenge: 1. Create a Food Brand 2. Use the Product in a Dish and Demo It to Camera Star Challenge: Teams Combine Points-of-View into Food Truck Faremoreless
  • Spicy Competition
    Spicy Competition
    Episode 4
    There is a mad dash to claim the best pepper when Bobby announces the winner will be featured on his Mesa Grill menu, but first they must make dishes that are worthy with excellent presentations. Next, they must delve into their own childhoods as they put new spins on three master chefs' childhood favorites. Camera Challenge: Create a Dish Featuring a Chili Pepper Star Challenge: Reinvent Each Chef's Favorite Childhood Dishmoreless
  • Welcome to Los Angeles!
    12 new finalists make their way to their new home in the Hollywood Hills and three grueling days of challenges. First they must show who they are with the plainest of ingredients, chicken and potatoes, and then present the dish to the camera. Then everyone's off to Paramount studios where they shoot the first of their 30-second promos for the show each wants to host under the direction of a top Hollywood director. Finally, they each must create a power lunch for a mysterious celebrity chef. Camera Challenge: "You on a Plate" Star Challenge: 1. Film Show Promo 2. Cater Lunch for a Celebrity Chefmoreless
  • Secret Supper Club
    Secret Supper Club
    Episode 7
    A busy home cook herself, last year's winner, Melissa D'Arabian, drops by to task the finalists to relate to the busy home cook by making "dinner with breakfast" using cereal. Then they must relate to hardcore foodies when they team together to create an underground supper club, the members of which count among the culinary elite. Camera Challenge: Make Dinner with Breakfast Star Challenge: Work as a Team to Open Your Own Supper Clubmoreless
  • Grammy Award Celebration
    The finalists explore inspiration tonight—finding it in the food as they make dishes based on film genres, and then sharing the inspiration with their audience. Next, they get a taste of life in the public eye before pairing up to cater an after-party for Colbie Caillat. Camera Challenge: Create a Dish Inspired by a Classic Movie Genre and Present It to the Camera Star Challenge: 1. Red Carpet Challenge 2. Create Solo Dish Using Swag Bag Ingredient, and Make Collaborative Dish with Both Ingredientsmoreless
  • Sweet to Savory Carnival
    The finalists must demonstrate their ability to think on their feet as they each demonstrate a piece of a recipe breakdown in front of the camera. Then Duff Goldman asks them to cater the party he is throwing for friends at the Santa Monica Pier, but using sweets to inspire savory treats may be just as hard as presenting to the live audience. Camera Challenge: Step-by-Step Recipe Breakdown Relay Star Challenge: Create a Savory Party Bite out of Carnival Sweetsmoreless