The Next Food Network Star - Season 8

Sunday 9:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Jun 05, 2005 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Food Network Star Casting Special

    A look at how Alton, Bobby and Giada chose their team members. A process that began with sifting through thousands of applications, live auditions and the final choices made. Get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes action and the thoughts behind the decisions in this unique special that kicks off the redesigned competition.

  • 5/13/12

    Fifteen new finalists are introduced to their mentors and then given their first challenge without a chance to take a breath. Tonight they must create restaurants from scratch with limited time and budgets. Each will also shoot his or her first pitch segment in conjunction with the team leader/producer.

  • NYC on the Go
    Episode 2

    The finalists take a foodie tour of New York City, and then must create a dish influenced by the tour.

  • 5/27/12

    The finalists must create a dessert from the ingredients they find in their baskets.

  • 6/3/12

    The finalists attend New York's Fashion Week and find out makeovers are part of a star's perks. What they aren't prepared for is what, not who, the stars being made over are. Each finalist must overhaul his or her assigned boring dish, making it sparkle enough to impress Fashion Week attendees – a crowd not easily wowed.

  • Guy Live
    Episode 5

    A television special can be a last minute network order, so this week the finalists will experience a taste of that and get a chance to prove their adaptability and ability to perform under pressure.

  • 6/17/12

    The finalists must create haute cuisine from typical mall food tonight, but the challenge will get harder when they find out where they are cooking, and Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian introduces a secret ingredient that needs to be incorporated into each dish.

  • Meet the Press-ure
    Episode 7

    The finalists meet the Fourth Estate tonight, and they will need to be on their mettle. First up they each shoot a promotional video, but Alton, Bobby and Giada will not be available for direction. Then they face questions from journalists who will grill each of them about points of view, backgrounds and the shows they envision.

  • 7/1/12

    The finalists cater Paula Deen's party for family and friends attending Food Network's South Beach Wine & Food Festival. They also must shoot a 30-second entertainment tip that will be part of the evaluation process.

  • 7/8/12

    Still in South Beach, Miami, this week the finalists deal with orchestrated breakdowns during cooking demonstrations so the judges can evaluate seat-of-pants adaptability and grace under pressure.

  • Pilot Greenlights
    Episode 10

    The remaining finalists shoot promos that will determine the final three.

  • 7/22/12

    Alton, Bobby and Giada campaign for their finalists one last time after a video retrospective, and the results of viewers' voting announces the winner.