The Next Food Network Star - Season 9

Sunday 9:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Jun 05, 2005 Between Seasons



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Episode Guide

  • 8/11/13
    The winner is announced tonight as chosen by viewer votes, but first up is the reunion portion of the evening.
  • Network Pitch
    Episode 10
    It's show time. The four remaining finalists each must now design a show that realizes their culinary points of view and that will appeal to the Food Network viewers. The elimination will greenlight three of the four which will then be turned into pilots under the direction of Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives), season two winner of The Next Food Network Star.moreless
  • Menu: Impossible
    Episode 9

    Tonight the finalists are tested on their fix-it skills and food vision when Robert Irvine (Dinner: Impossible, Restaurant: Impossible) ask them to help turnaround a failing restaurant's menu. Each finalist will be given an outdated or unsuccessful dish to make current and spectacular enough to not only please the diners, but attract new business.

  • 7/21/13
    This week the finalists test the bounds of their food patter. It will take a high level of creativity and spontaneity for one of the two teams to prevail on this challenge about saying nothing and everything. The finalists must pull stories from their own lives to make the food - pizza or donut - relatable and attractive to viewers.moreless
  • 7/14/13
    Tonight the finalists must make risky food decisions and dishes, and the most profitable risk is awarded immunity from elimination. First up, the cooks must create a dish with a hard-to-use ingredient. Then they are responsible for auctioning their dishes to foodies not afraid of daring cuisine.
  • Product Pitch
    Episode 6

    The finalists will be tested on creativity and their ability to effectively hawk goods tonight. Each one must develop, make, package and present a product that encompasses their cooking style and chosen brand.

    Mentor Challenge: Create Two Food Products That Represent Your Point of View and Develop Your Brand

    Star Challenge: Pitch Your Chosen Product To an Expert Focus Group

  • 4th Of July Live
    Episode 5

    Live events present a whole different set of challenges, and tonight the finalists will confront them head on. First up are live cooking demos with changes thrown at them during the demo. Then they will help out with an interactive event that includes advising home viewers on party tips and recipes.

    Mentor Challenge: Present a Sandwich in a Live Demo

    Star Challenge: 4th of July Live!

  • Big Screen Bites
    Episode 4

    Tonight the finalists take on changes at movie theaters. They must divide into teams and create a menu and a movie trailer for a focus group at a luxury theater.

    Mentor Challenge: Serve Theme Meals to Movie Goers with Sophisticated Palates

    Star Challenge: Film a 60-Second Movie Trailer That Promotes Your Menu

  • A Star Is Chopped
    Episode 3

    Tonight it's food expertise theme and a reality show within a reality show. The finalists use mystery ingredients to compete for a huge advantage in the Star Challenge. The rest compete in a Chopped-like competition where they must demonstrate their creativity and adaptability by creating delicious dishes from impossible ingredients.

    Mentor Challenge:
    1. Make a dish from a mystery ingredient
    2. Present dish with authority to Alton and Bobby

    Star Challenge:
    1. Make a dish from the four ingredients in your basket
    2. Present dish to the focus group

  • Burger Bash
    Episode 2

    The finalists visit Culver Studios' Mansion House, a Hollywood landmark, but sightseeing isn't on the menu. They must create the best burger they've ever made and do a live demo for 100 burger lovers who will decide by vote which of them must go home.

    Mentor Challenge: Create a Burger for Burger Enthusiasts

    Star Challenge: Give a Two-Minute Demonstration of Your Burger

  • 6/2/13

    Twelve new finalists make their way to Food Network's Los Angeles kitchen and meet their mentors. Tonight is about introductions. They will be introduced to the camera, they will introduce themselves to the committee with their first dishes and pitch tapes, and they will introduce themselves to the newest element of the competition—and perhaps the most controversial ever, since it depends on the dubious taste of the public—a focus group made up of Food Network viewers.

    Mentor Challenge: Film a 30-second Pitch Tape

    Star Challenge: Cook a Dish Using the Unforgettable Potato, Then Present It To the Selection Committee and Focus Group

  • Season 9 Sneak Peek
    Season 9 Sneak Peek
    Episode Special

    Food Network gives fans a glimpse into the upcoming ninth season by outlining this year's changes, introducing the new finalists, and showing some behind-the-scenes clips.

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