The Next Food Network Star

Season 4 Episode 1

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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2008 on Food Network

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  • I thought it was a good season opener. The wanna be stars seem to all actually have talent this season so that should make it interesting.

    First impressions... Adam and Jennifer seem like strong competition... Nipa can just go home now, her attitude was way off the mark of the dish she prepared... I started to write Lisa off as too snooty, but Amy Findley started off all French and Upscale and ended up winning last season so who knows...

    I loved when Aaron showed up and said it looked like a modeling casting call. I will admit to this season being the prettiest so far.

    As much as I love Top Chef, it's a serious cooking competition, no room for personality. Hell's Kitchen is mostly about running a kitchen not cooking food. That's why Next Food Network Star is so fun... You have to have personality, be able to cook and work in a kitchen!

    This looks to be a fun season!
  • good start...

    Yay, a new season! The episode started with the introduction of all of the hopefuls. They seem interesting...I don't know who I want to win yet, but I know who I don't want to win! Alton Brown was the guest and he was talking about culinary point-of-view...Alton is AMAZING! Anyways, most of them did ok, except for the random lady that was about the three C's...what was that about? It was sad that Alton told her that it made no sense, but she still said it in her presentation. Anyways, the next challenge, they split up into teams and made dishes. It was relaly funny seeing Morimoto eat the food and critique it. He looks so serious! Overall, good start to this season.
  • The snippets you saw before the show gave one impression, the reality was different. Interesting cast of characters. The teams one male and one female made some rather ordinary dishes.

    The potential chefs are all over the place. A woman who has million dollar looks who should be a spokesman for the Bush administration, speaks a lot and says nothing. The cheerleader type, the princess from India, the young kid, the home boy, the souther guy and others. I was not wowed by any of the dishes, and neither was the panel. Some of them could have been a lot better, but some of that was nerves especially seeing who was going to be tasting their food.
    The personalities kept one or two of them in the race, but the quality of the food has to improve.
    Considering only 1 of the 3 previous winners has a watchable show, and that show is not his main show, but Guy has great appeal.
    This is the network that with it's high moral compass gave us a finale of this show last year that no one cared who won, they fired one of the great new personalities, and Emeril who I am tired of left the network for other persuits.
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