The Next Food Network Star

Season 4 Episode 7

Vegas Throwdown

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 13, 2008 on Food Network

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  • In this episode the final four contestants; Aaron, Adam, Kelsey and Lisa play out a version of Bobby Flay's Throwdown as this weeks challenge. The pressure is on!

    This episode was one of my favorites of this season since I am a huge fan of Bobby Flay. His talent and smile always brighten the screen! The performance of two of the contestants really surprised me this week. Kelsey failed at both of the dishes she was required to make, one of which was her chosen "Signature" dish was a disappointment to me. I've liked Kelsey's bubbly confident personality. Although she is young, I felt she was a real contender...a little blonde version of Rachel Ray. Although I was sad to see her go, I feel the judges had no choice but to eliminate her. Aaron surprised me that he got so caught up in his "signature" dish that he completely forgot to make his second dish. If it weren't for Lisa giving him the "evil eye", I believe he'd have been ousted this week as he'd have only had one dish complete. Be careful Girlfriend, you may have caused yourself problems by helping to keep Aaron in the game. The man in a few moments had the foresight to use his deep fryer to quickly cook the chicken and put a new spin on Kelsey's Chicken Parm. He was so successful it was a favorite of the judges! What an amazing twist that was! I haven't been a fan of Lisa's throughout this season. Her ups and downs have been just too much for my taste. But she is slowly growing on me. As far as Adam goes, he has been one of my favorites, although I don't believe the judges agree. They seem to find his personality to be a bit too much and have told him so on numerous occassions. I think that maybe why he did so terribly on the interview aspect of this challenge. I think that's what television is all about! The other personalities this season have been a bit too subdued to me. All in all, it was a pretty entertaining episode.
  • the final four...

    The final four go to Vegas and compete in a throwdown challenge. I really liked the idea of the challenge: two contestants went head to head. Both contestants created their signature dish as well as their opponents. Paula Dean was a guest in this episode and she is halarious. While the contestants were cooking some lady did an interview with them. I just didn't find that interesting. I thought when Paula joked about stealing the panko crush was funny...I think the right person was sent home. I could never watch a show with her; she just keeps talking about culinary school. Overall, good, entertaining episode.
  • The Vegas showdown was different than what I had thought. I thought they were going to do something entirely different, but the way they did it made it very interesting. This season has a lot of new twists and I like them.

    They got to Vegas and the next day got a Bobby Flay style Throwdown with a twist. You make your signature dish and also your opponents signature dish. The differences here are you get the recipe and you can fine tune it to you own style.
    Adam surprised me with the lobster mac and cheese, not a dish I would call a signature dish and it went over quite well. Lisa made a bean dish that blew the entire panel away. Neither of them did well dealing with the interview, but Adam did not every make eye contact and actually walked away from the interviewer. Neither Adam or Lisa did well making the others signature dish.
    The it was Kelsey against Aaron. Aaron food on both counts was good, Kelsey missed the mark twice. She did better on the interview, but you have to be able to cook too.
    Kelsey went home and it could have been her last week. She does not have enough experience and that is why she went home. I think the next one to go will be Adam, he just does not have the fire, or it could be Aaron who just cannot deal with the camera. Lisa I hope gets over her on and off persona, but she has the best cooking skills of the three.