The Next Food Network Star

Season 4 Episode 3

You… In a Jar

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 15, 2008 on Food Network

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  • As the show continues the cream is starting to rise to the top. One person who looked good to me in the previews fared poorly the first week and is starting to show she can cook, and another has to tone the cheerleader enthusiasm down.

    The potato dishes were OK, and one of them, load me up, the bar food. The you in a jar was surprising. The salad dressing sounds great, Lisa showed that she has cooking chops with her orange dish and the seasoned salt by another was a bust.
    I think Lisa is better than she showed in the first show. Kelsey can actually cook but is way too smiley.
    It will be interesting to see how far those two will go. I looked back at the previous shows and where are they now. The winners of Season 1 are alive and cooking, but no longer on TV. Season 2 Guy is doing well, Guys Big Bite, does, but his Diners Drive ins and Dives is great.
    Amy is living in France with her family, her show was a bust, just like all of Season 3 after Jag left.
    They need a winner with a personality that someone will watch. Kelsey is not that person, she is Rachael Ray with a cooking degree, Lisa has a shown she can change and could work, Shane is a real outsider but does have some skill.
  • good episode...

    The hopefuls first have to create a potatoe dish and present it. I thought they all did relatively well in the presenting. The one woman that only talked for 15 seconds was terrible. However, I tought the people that made bad food were worse than the bad presenters. The next challenge was to put yourself in a bottle. I really liked the idea of this challenge and I liked how the challengers approached it. I don't like Martha Stewart very much and she was getting annoying in this episode. Overall, this episode was another solid episode of The Next Food Network Star with good challenges and interesting hopefuls.
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