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The Next Great American Band

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Sometimes achieving idol status is more than a solo effort, and this FOX series is set to celebrate the talents of multiple musicians. Simon Fuller and friends open up the American Idol-style competition to bands, and all sizes and genres from across the country are welcome to make a play for the spotlight.

    Fox opens up fall schedule


    Idol team moves on to bands

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    • It's about time!

      American Idol only focuses on those who can sing with mike in hand. Playing an intrument as well is a no-no. Only Star Search (1983 & 2003), America's Most Talented Kid(s)/Seniors and America's Got Talent gave the green light to that.

      Now there's The Next Great American Band. Not like Idol, all types of music is eligible & there's no age restriction. It's about time there's a show for musicians who play an instrument or two. This show is a great interest to me & I hope it continues to shine on Fox. The Next Great American Band is my ne best friend!moreless
    • Band compete to win the coveted title of The Next Great American Band plus a record contract. Following the trend, each week band will perform for viewer votes. Band with the least amount of votes will be out.moreless

      This is from the producers of American Idol. The name of the game is "If it works, do it again and again. If it starts to dwindle, change it up slightly and do it again and again." I never watch American Idol. I was, however, a huge fan of Rockstar:INXS & Supernova. And was extremely disappointed when it wasn't renewed for a 3rd season. So when I found out this new show I was coming out I was very excited. I wasn't deluding myself. I knew this had the potential to be a disaster. But, for lack of anything better on TV on Friday nights, I watched eagerly awaiting my next favorite band to take the stage. I'm a rock n roll kinda girl, but any type of music performed well and live is a total seduction for me. The show has only aired it's second out of ten episodes, so maybe it's a little premature for me to make a judgement on it. But from what I can see, it's got a lot of what I like. Which is good music, good perfomers, and the thrill of rooting for your favorite. But I must ask, why o why is a show that has the word "American" in it, have two out of it's four member judges panel/host non American? Must there always contain at least one English or in this case Austrailian judge, and he is all ways the A Hole. And then there is the host, from New Zealand. Could this be the next Ryan Seacrest? Probably not, I think he's a little too straight for that. On that note, I will just start with Dicko. He seems pretty smart to me. And he's not gonna blow sunshine up anyone's bagpipe. The ego is annoying, but there always must be one. So it might as well be a guy named Dicko. John Rzeznick is the lead singer of The Goo Goo Dolls. I am a fan. I admit it. I always thought he was way too pretty. Not too pretty for me of course, I could bask in his beauty all day. But way too pretty for...well I guess to have a brain. But he does! I swear he does. He is a fantastic song writer, he knows what he is talking about, and is eloquent most of the time. Anyone with even the smallest amount of success who manages to stay out of trouble for it deserves a twelve guitar salute! He gives the performers the respect they deserve, without over doing it. Sharon....oh I mean Shiela E., yes she is the token feminine figure in this one. But we always need a womans perspective. In a male dominated industry, it is most important. She was pretty big in the early 80's. Though I can't say I remember exactly any of her songs, I do remember she is a drummer. She is quite a classy lady. She is smart and funny. And I think she is really wants to help these bands. She has great constructive criticism - and she doesn't appear to be drunk.... yes, that was for you Paula and David Hasselhoff. From the top 12, I expected to already have a favorite picked out. But there are too many, it would be quicker to pick my least favorite bands. But I am going to make a prediction right here, and see if I get it correct. On both Rockstars and America's Got Talent I correctly guessed who would end up winning from the first few episodes. Of course as time went on, I would change my mind. But it seems my first instinct is usually right (however, never with Last Comic Standing, I'm great at picking the 2nd place...). So just from the 2nd episodes performances, I really think The Clark Brothers will win. My other choice is Six Wire. Those choices crack me up because neither of them are my favorite type of music....hmmm. We'll just have to wait and see. I look forward to 8 more episodes.moreless
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