The Next Great Champ

FOX (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Finale
      Episode 10
      Otis Griffin fights in a WBO title bout.
    • Episode 9
      Episode 9
      Episode 9
      Tommy tells Otis and David that they will go to Oscar's training facilities at Big Bear Lake near L.A. There the two will train with Oscar in front of his 8 championship belts. The winner receives a contract with GoldenBoy promotions, $500,000 and a WBO title fight. Through four rounds the fighters seem to be even. Otis pulls away in the last two rounds and wins by unanimous decision. Pareja hangs up his gloves, one boxer remains standing--The Next Great Champ.moreless
    • Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Four boxers remain: Otis Griffin, the instrument of God, Gilbert Zaragoza, the ex-con, Jimmy Mince, the slick southerner, and David Pareja, the great white hope. The episode opens with Oscar talking about stamina in the ring. For this week's challenge the boxers will wear weighted boxing gloves with lasers attached. They will have to center the laser in a target. Gilbert is the first to lose and then Mince goes down. Griffin outlasts Pareja and wins $25,000. Griffin is given the additional gift of being able to pick who he fights in the semi-final. Griffin decides on a rematch with Jimmy Mince, who beat him last time. This leaves another big rivalry match, Pareja vs. Zaragoza. Pareja beats Gil in a four round fight. He advances to the final. Mince fights Griffin on only 48 hours rest. He loses a fight that did not make it four rounds. Gil and Mince hang up their gloves. Two boxers remain...moreless
    • Episode 7
      Episode 7
      Episode 7
      All five of the remaining boxers are in the winner's circle: Griffin, Pareja, Mince, Zaragoza and Armijo. Jimmy Mince and Gilbert Zaragoza have a plan to gang up on Pareja. Mince doesn't like that Pareja chose to have him fight earlier. Gil and David exchange words in the loft. Their plans are foiled when Pareja wins the competition and immunity that goes with it. The five boxers smashed three ice blocks each with small hammers. Pareja got the three medallions out quickest and won. Tommy tells the other four to vote for who will fight. Rene Armijo is selected. Tommy then gives Rene's dad, Rene Sr., the ability to pick who his son will fight. He picks Mince. Mince wins the controversial four round fight. He collects the $25,000 and Armijo hangs up his gloves and goes home. 4 boxers and two episodes remain...moreless
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Episode 6
      Since Bachmann quit there is room for one more boxer and Otis Griffin returns. The competitors attempt this week's challenge blindfolded. They are tied to the ground with a bungee cord and must collect medicine balls. The two losers will have to fight two fights in order to make it to the winner's circle. Elmahmoud wins the competition and $10,000. Griffin will fight Vallejo for 10,000 more. The loser will be eliminated and the winner will fight Elmahmoud. Vallejo feels cheated that Griffin has returned and he will now have to fight twice. Otis Griffin wins the first fight. He takes the cash and sends Vallejo home. Between the two fights, Smokin' Joe Frazier comes in to train with the boxers. In the second fight Griffin beats Mohamad and wins $25,000. Five boxers remain...moreless
    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Bachmann announces to everyone that he is leaving the show and officially retiring from boxing. This week's competition is punching a speed bag while suspended 100 feet in the air. Whoever messes up and loses his rhythm will get dropped. Zaragoza and Vallejo make it to the final. Vallejo wins the $10,000 and the number one ranking. Later, the winner's circle (Pareja, Armijo, and Mince) choose Zaragoza, the 2nd ranked boxer, to fight Louis Corps. Gilbert Zaragoza struggles to make weight but manages. Corps dominates round one but tires. Zaragoza knocks down Corps in the third round. Corps gets up during the ten count but the ref ends the fight. Corps hangs up his gloves, Zaragoza wins $25,000. The morning after the fight Brooks and Duva have a surprise. They announce that one of the eliminated boxers will return. 6 boxers remain, for now...moreless
    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Episode 4
      This week's competition takes place on the beach. The remaining boxers battle it out in a competition designed to test overall body condition. Each contestant carries as much sand as they can to a scale. Whoever tips the scale first wins. Gilbert wins the contest and the $10,000. Lou, Tommy and Oscar rank the boxers. They only rank the top two and let the winner's circle pick the last ranked boxer. Mince is ranked last and will fight Otis Griffin. The fight goes the distance (all four rounds). The judges give it to Mince via split decision. Griffin loses his chance at $25,000 and hangs up his gloves. 8 boxers remain...moreless
    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Tension in the loft grows to an all time high. The winner's circle (Pareja and Bachmann) angers the others with their arrogance. The next day Oscar and his trainer work with all of the boxers. This week's challenge is to pull a two ton truck a quarter of a mile. Mince wins the challenge and the $10,000. Mike and Lewis are sent to the hospital due to injuries in the challenge. Gilbert and Rene struggle to make the weight class. De La Hoya, Brooks and Duva rank the top three boxers. Bachmann and Pareja are given the responsibility of ranking the other five. They rank Scianna last and he chooses to fight Rene. Rene Armijo wins the fight in a 3 round TKO and $25,000. Scianna hangs up his gloves and heads home. 9 boxers remain...moreless
    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      Episode 2
      The episode begins with last week's winner (Pareja) moving into a special room, getting his first taste of the "champion lifestyle" -- which leads to jealousy among the other players. Next, the remaining boxers meet former heavyweight champion, Larry Holmes. Holmes helps all of the boxers with their jabs. Pareja and Bachmann get personal lessons from Holmes. This week's challenge is getting a punching bag up an inclinement. Bachmann wins the challenge and with it, $10,000 and the week's number one ranking. Lawrence "Lights Out" Alonzo is ranked last for the week and decides to fight Bachmann. Bachmann will be fighting for $25,000 as Alonzo fights for survival. Bachmann wins the fight and all of the week's prize money, Alonzo hangs up his gloves. 10 boxers remain...moreless
    • Debut
      Episode 1
      The 12 fighters meet Oscar in L.A. They are informed of the rules and ranking procedure and begin their training immediately. Everyone meets Duva and Brooks, they are all honored to be in the presence of two legends of the sport. The first competition is for $10,000. The 12 boxers hang upside down and do inverted sit-ups. David Pareja won the challenge and became the first #1 ranked boxer for the week. As the last ranked boxer, R.C. chose to fight David Pareja. David Pareja won the four round fight via unanimous decision. R.C. Reyes was the first boxer eliminated. 11 hopefuls remain...moreless