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    [1]Oct 18, 2007
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    Top Chef has been going for three seasons on the Bravo Channel. It's not a great show, in fact it's just mediocre. Here comes the Food TV network with it's anemic knockoff. It's almost an exactly carbon copy. They get pretentious pseudo-celebrity chefs to judge how bad a panel of contestant chef's cooking happens to be. Nothing new here. Switch to Bravo, they do it better, and that's not saying much. It's also another show with Alton Brown, one of most putrid people currently on television. How many shows do we need on that channel flashing his creepy mug? I'd rate this one an F, it's got nothing going for it. It's a completely stolen concept, what next? Survivor: Kitchen?! This channel has seriously taken a nose dive in the past 2 years or so. The other reality game show they have, "The next tv food network star" (they couldn't even find an original title for their Top Chef knockoff), features wanna be celeb chefs and are put through the paces. Why doesn't the network give more of them a chance to host a show instead of forcing us to look at the repugnant Alton Brown in more shows? Guess they know something about him that we,the viewing public, don't. Then again, for anyone who's watched the panel of network judges on the next food network star, we know they're not exactly the brightest crayons in the box when it comes to choosing who should be on television. Check out the 3 past winners if you dare....I mean get a chance....all of them combined have the personality of a popsickle stick.

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    I agree some what. I'm really not happy with most of the people they chose, most don't seem the iron chef type.

    But Alton Brown rocks...
    (although he seems very unfriendly in this show)
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    1) I like Top Chef

    2) I like Alton Brown

    3) I like Iron Chef America

    I think this is an interesting way to choose the next Iron Chef. The challenges are a little odd and do seem to borrow heavily from "The Quickfire/Elimination" setup of Top Chef. I do like that this show has more of a payoff than Top Chef. We'll see the winner again, the Food Network markets their chefs to the point of oversaturation (see Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Rachael Ray). Top Chef winners fade into obscurity except for reunion specials.

    By the way if you hate cooking contest shows so much, why watch them at all? With all the choices on cable, it seems like you could find something that would make you happier.
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