The Next Iron Chef

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2009 on Food Network
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A guest chef arrives to test the contestants on how well they can handle pressure. Later, two chefs are eliminated and the final four learn pack up their bags and head for one of the world's culinary hot spots.

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  • "Then there were 6!" Alton Brown started the 5th episode of The Next Iron Chef with his favorite opening line. It was an action packed show! It started off with a "One Bite" challenge.moreless

    Chef's had to capture the flavor of India in just one bite! Chef Suvir Suran was the judge for this round. Chefs had to choose the vegetable of their choice from the display. Chef Mehta had a double advantage in this round. Since he had won the last round he got to pick his ingredients first. His second advantage was his Indian origin. He chose Aubergine and Okra from the lot and then the table of ingredients was thrown open for the other contestants. Chef Mehta prepared an Aubergine fritter with poppy seeds and Tapioca for the crunch and served it with a Tomato and Papaya Chutney. Most of the chefs stuck to the authentic version of Chutney (Cilantro, Mint, Yogurt, Mango, and Tamarind etc.) but not Chef Mehta, he decided on the Tomato and Papaya chutney. His innovation did not stop there; he served this fritter on a piece of a stiff jute cloth! Though Chef Suran was confused about the jute plating he loved the dish and was impressed with how that one fritter brought out all the Indian flavors. Chef Freitag decided to make Pakoras and Chef Appleman, who won the challenge, made some authentic "Aloo Gobi". The rest of the dishes had curries, chapattis (Indian bread) and chutneys.

    "We have 4 tickets for the next round and there are 6 of you here. Do the math!" The second round started off with this announcement from Alton Brown. It was clear that this was supposed to be a double elimination challenge. Whoever thought their rendezvous with Indian food was over thought wrong. The challenge was to make, not 1, not 2 but 5 Indian dishes in a time span of only 2 hours! It was grueling. No wonder the show was named "pressure"! It was a double edged challenge. Except for Chef Mehta the Indian cuisine was foreign to the rest of the chefs and to think of 5 different dishes in a foreign cuisine is enough to put any chef under pressure. Besides Chef Mehta, Chef Freitag was the only who knew what she had to do. The tension was intense and the claws were out! Chef Appleman got his chance to be the first to select the ingredients and he went on to take the whole portion of Snapper fish without leaving any for the others! Chef Mullen wrestled the lamb leg out of Chef Mehta's hands leaving him with nothing but a few pieces of the leg. But Chef Mehta's innovative mind helped him. He did not crib about the fact that Chef Mullen took the leg but just went ahead and made his "Pulao" with the remaining pieces from Chef Mullen's lamb leg. Alton Brown tried to psych Chef Mehta by saying that the judges expected a lot from him since he was the winner of the last round and had an edge over the others in this round because of his comfort with the cuisine. What I loved about Chef Mehta's preparations was his focus on dessert. That just captured the whole essence of what Indians love in their food. His sweet dishes included the "Puri", "Halva" and "Rava". The judges thought it was delicious. They complimented him by saying that all his preparations had strong flavors but none of them stood out or overwhelmed their pallets. Chef Garces who was the winner of this round was praised for his interpretation of Indian food. He had given it a Latin twist. Finally the time came for the tickets to be handed out for the next round in Japan! Chef Freitag, Chef Graces and Chef Mehta had survived with honors! Chef Mullen and Chef Appleman were in the last 2 slots and after making them sweat Alton Brown handed the ticket to Chef Mullen. In the end Chef Appleman and Chef Trevino lost their chance of being the next Iron Chef!moreless

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