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  • Favorite Raiders

    When your so-called sports commentators were naming their favorite and greatest Oakland Raiders not one named Jim Plunkett. The Raiders have won three Super Bowls and two of those wins were led by none other than the Great Jim Plunkett. I guess humbleness is not a trait any or your "sports commentators are fond of. Below is a reminder:

    Quarterback Jim Plunkett won two Super Bowls for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, his final one coming at the age 36 against the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII. Through 48 Super Bowls, there have been 11 quarterbacks who have won more than one Big Game.

    Disgusted Raiders and Jim Plunkett Fan


  • Tim Tebow

    Been listiening to all comments this morning which are good. I do recall in the 1990s a couch by the name of Bill Walsh signing a beat up left handed quarterback Steve Young. No one would think he would amount to anything. He set three years behind Joe Montana and learned from a Hall of Fame player and became one himself.
  • Great NFL

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  • it's alright they are only on for a little bit, and then we get to watch the real event,

    Shannon, sounds like he has food in his mouth when he talks, and Boomer & Marino have the biggest ego's in the world, at least that is how they come off to me. They also are so negative like they could do it better, they aren' in their prime anymore, and all they have going for them is a job like this thinking they are better than everyone. Don't get me wrong Marino, Boomer, & Shannon are probably better than most in the NFL still. Boomer & Marino have been out a while but still might have more talent, but they are there to broadcast, not to root for a team and try to coach every team from their booth.
  • Great NFL and Informative show

    I have loved the NFL CBS Today since I was
    A kid at 11 when I first started to love the NFL
    You can I guess think my brother for it
    As I now follow more of the NFL since my
    Brother has a family and that I think having
    James "JB" Brown will be a good edition to the family as well.