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    • Relax and Enjoy the ride in the helo

      If you know when something is wrong and you know what's wrong then you also know that if you want realism: reality so in your face that it changes who you are and the rest of your life, you can always reenlist. You CAN feel the snap of a round as it passes by you, you CAN taste the MRE; soaked in the pouring rain or salted by your sweat in the blazing heat. You can see again all the rungs that are in the ladder that is the chain of command --from the bottom. Yes, you CAN do it all over again and experience being on television as often as the cast of survivor, experience wearing over 60 pounds of gear in the blazing sun while you look for those seconds of terror that tell you that you've been in a firefight, you can do it all by simply going to your nearest recruiter and saying you want to reenlist though this time, you want to be an infantryman.

      Or you could just enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet while you watch a TELEVISION SHOW in the comfort of your home; a television show that, for the first time ever, shows a character, not only with severe PTSD, a character that has managed to overcome the PTSD enough to return to being an ER physician. A character that has managed to find enough resiliency to survive a stillborn son, a rejected marriage proposal, and being constantly surrounded by trauma and death without completely loosing it. More importantly, someone who talked about it and came back stronger for it because, for many Veterans, talking about it is nearly impossible.

      Then, there is what the Army and all the other services could be: while the real Army still has a stiff neck from even acknowledging that gay people exist, in this TV reality, a gay man (wondrously acted by a straight guy) --in Texas no less-- who is married to his partner and acknowledged as such by the Army. Further, the Army, rather than just discharge a capable man, a combat Vet, finds him a billet wherein he can pass on the hard lessons. In this Army, people are not only able, they are expected to stay in contact with the people back home! Now, you never see them eat --that is, when they were in country-- but it is clear that THIS Army's food is HEALTHY and FLAVORFUL rather than food that, while of great quality and the product of people who care, is, decidedly, not the "whole grain", "fresh from the farm", "non-GMO", of the magazine athlete. Most of all, an Army that recognizes talent and sends a highly qualified medic to the Armed Services Medical School in Bethesda rather than discharging him and making him an LPN (nothing wrong with LPNs) or hoping that after being a civilian for more than 10 years that a newly minted general surgeon would want to reenlist.

      This is not a perfect show and budgets are not unlimited; in fact, I doubt that any show that does not have Michael Crighton behind it and some cinema director could have the budget that ER had. So compromises have had to be made. Still, why shouldn't the physician get to do the fun and exciting part? Anyone that has ever worked any sort of medical emergency knows that coming back may be exciting but it will never be fun so why not?

      Remember Emergency! I can tell you that just the extrications would get someone doing it that way today, skinned alive! It was, as realistic as they could make it under the conditions of the times: notice, no one is shown dead as you could not show dead bodies back then, the lights aren't always on, and the siren sound is added on. Nevertheless, while some of the stuff was cutting edge back then and some of it was already going into history, the show was and is extraordinarily entertaining and if there is EMS in your town, thank Robert A. Cinader, Kevin Tighe, and Randolph Mantooth because, even though it might have happened in time, the rapid adoption of EMS throughout the country in the 70's saved millions of lives (no, I do not think that is an exaggeration) and got people to call EMS rather than their doctor who may not have seen an emergency since medical school. What's my point? Emergency! got a lot of people "hooked" on becoming EMT-Ps and more; who knows what The Night Shift with Trauma Surgeons ready IN THE ER, physicians doing more than treating the lab, and soldiers HAPPY to be in and, PROUD to have been in, the Army will do? TC is not giving anyone precordial thumps as Kelly Brackett was wont to do but what medic or Corpsman would not respect the hell out of a physician that has gotten and is known for getting his hands dirty?

      I love this show but it is not because it is cinema verite but because it is exceptionally entertaining and fantastically well acted. I wonder if the actors have ever seen Emergency! and if they see the show as perhaps today's Emergency!?

      To the writers and producers of The Night Shift: imagine bringing in Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth as retirees that use their skills in an emergency situation and find themselves looking back at their own lives and to what EMS has become from an idea once opposed by physicians to one that none of them can imagine doing without.moreless
    • Night shift

      I love the night shif and I can not wait for the next season to start it feels like for ever since the last episode
    • More of Night Shift

      This remind about which my favorite show. I can' find out if there is a season 2015 and when it would air.
    • Army content is very poor.

      Bad military writing and production. Bogus ranks, relationships between ranks, job titles, equipment and tactics. Get someone with real Army experience to vet the writing and production of Army related content.
    • This the best new medical drama.... Night Shift

      This show is so realistic. The story lines are so real. The stuff that can and does happen in the real world. Please bring this show back for another season. I love this show! And it was nice to see Scott Wolf again.

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