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  • Army content is very poor.

    Bad military writing and production. Bogus ranks, relationships between ranks, job titles, equipment and tactics. Get someone with real Army experience to vet the writing and production of Army related content.
  • This the best new medical drama.... Night Shift

    This show is so realistic. The story lines are so real. The stuff that can and does happen in the real world. Please bring this show back for another season. I love this show! And it was nice to see Scott Wolf again.
  • Don't blow a second chance with season two (and fire a couple of writers, please)

    Yes, this show has a lot of problems with the dialogue, the character relationships, the over-use of helicopter rides for the ER doctors (I mean seriously, doesn't this place have medics in the fire department?) and a couple other things that will hopefully be addressed next season. I get the feeling this show is trying to be like NBC's ER was back in the day but they're trying too hard. The show's premise is a good one. I would like to see even more emphasis on the military relationships (the gay soldier story-line was the best part of this show so far). The PTSD doctor isn't as sympathetic as he could be. I don't know if it's the acting or the writing, but I plan to tune in to see what happens next.
  • Laughably bad, but in a good way!

    Anybody ever watch Children's Hospital? It's a spoof of all the cliched story lines of serious medical dramas. Very funny too, check it out. The Night Shift looks like the writers had never seen an actual medical drama so they just marathon watched Childrens Hospital and reverse-engineered it into what they thought the real thing should be. The funny part is how many incongrous cliches they try to cram into the same episode, because that's what Childrens Hospitas does with the spoofs. If you like things that are fascinatingly bad (morbid fascination, I think it is called) then by all means watch this. If you love House, Nurse Jackie, MASH etc. etc. (ya'know the good ones), then consider The Night Shift DOA
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  • Like Shift

    Very, very good serial! Two season will?
  • Night Night

    I want to like this show, but it just won't let me.

    On the plus side: I love Freddie Rodriguez. Also Ken Leung is good, and Roswell alum Brendan Fehr and Paul the new Doctor have interesting characters.

    On the negative: Much of the acting is really stilted, and the writing is pretty poor. The 'shrink' is DREADFUL - I shudder to think where this character got her training as she is a woeful psych liason: if anyone dealt with an adolescent admission in this way they would be struck off!!! The Nazi beard face storyline was bizarre and really OTT, and the heart transplant nonsense laughably far fetched.

    I agree whole-heartedly with dougiedoug411: that many staff on a night shift??? In everyone's dreams... If the unbelievable storylines were portrayed through believable characterisation perhaps this show could at least be enjoyable to watch and you could suspend your disbelief, but that is sadly not the case.

    Rodriguez is like a one man floatation device, but does not have the ability to keep this sinking ship above water by himself.
  • Good Night, "Night Shift"

    Oh my goodness! I thought that for once . would get a big golden star. But after two episodes, I was wrong. Another ponderous, medical show rip-off replete with impossible situations engineered to fill in the awful gaps left by the extremely noticeable lack of writing offered up to try to keep this dead whale afloat!

  • Like

    I think nbc is finally getting some of it mojo I'm pissed that I can't watch it and several other new shows on hulu. But the night shift is (in a soapy way) surprisingly good. I have been reluctantly to watch any new nbc shows. Due to their unsuccessful show line up. But night shift is cross between greys and er.. I don't like that the actors have the same look as the greys cast... Thats just lazy.. But I do love the army inspired characters.. And it's nice to see storyline set in the southwest and focus on er/nightshift.. I see so many zany storylines abrewing. I hope the show will take some pointers from ER and go that direction. But If u like medical dramas give this show a chance.. I suggest watching 2 episodes before making a final decision.
  • what?

    What the hell is going on with these heart transplantations? What about matching? Not even the blood type is mentioned, let alone other factors of compatibility. Does that not matter in this show's universe?

    I am not a doctor, nor an expert, but I know organs cannot just be transplanted like that...
  • night suckx

    This is truly one of the worst medical shows of all. Last night a cop took a bullet in the left ventricle and was in and out of open heart surgery and in less than 2 hours, was extubated , placed on a nasal cannula and talking to everyone. Some lame suit is running around the hospital acting like a hospital administrator. I have worked at over 100 hospitals and no suit works night shift. There are hardly any nurses at all and 20 md's, not one respiratory therapist and the docs do the patient transports to all procedures. This hospital has no PCU ( recovery room for you laypeople who think she show is good) no ICU only an ED(emergency department). Injections are given to rowdy patients thru their clothing (a practice that could lead to infection) and docs put sleeper holds on patients like it was routine. I am ashamed that NBC didn't bother to hire a medical consultant to supervise the lame antics that are portrayed in this sadly put together medical show. And did the lead character really think that a dope addict would be a good donor for a heart transplant? There are comments about the playground they have on the roof, trust me no one who works under the high stress of a medical environment wants to hang out at the hospital before or after head straight to the I don't cause I don't IF I DID!!!!) and get this all surgeries are performed by ED docs.... during the first episode one of the specialist docs was in Houston hours away(hint San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas, Houston is the largest and within the two of them they have several specialized docs)
  • give it a chance guys

    its only a pilot. It was not that bad , although it was not great. But give it a chance. How many successful series began with a "below the base" pilot. And because Grey's and other similar series existed , doesn't mean that there is no room for an other one. Just think how many similar series exist in each gender.. This one has quick scenes, which looks interesting.
  • Diversity uber alles

    It looks like central casting brought out their diversity checklist for this show. White male - check. Hispanic female - check. Black male - check. Etc, Etc. I kept wondering who was going to be the gay and I wasn't disappointed. Like Southland, they picked the most masculine looking white male to be gay. Do we have to have the gay agenda shoved down our throats on EVERY show?
  • Bleh.

    A re-heated stew of every medical drama since 1975. But some of the characters served in Afghanistan so it is "modern". Some doctor rides a motorcycle so it is "edgy". (What, no Born To Be Wild playing while he speeds down the road and casually pulls a tree trunk out of some guy on the side of road?) They have a rooftop lounge with a basketball hoop. Are they not hip non-conformists now? And, oh my, however will the inevitable workplace romances develop? Tis a mystery, ya'll!! Snore.........
  • A cliched medical soap

    A mix of Greys Anatomy, . and a lot of other soapy medical dramas.

    I've only seen the pilot, but it was a bit too soapy for me.

    The characters are not very well rounded right now. Hopefully they will concentrate more on the 'pressurized environment' of a night shift at a hospital, (rather than the soapy aspects the pilot over indulged in), as the season progresses.

    Possibly worth checking out for 3 or 4 episodes.
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