The Nightmare Room

Season 1 Episode 1

Don't Forget Me

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Aug 01, 2001 on The WB

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  • Freaky!

    This was a cool episode.its pretty decent.this ep brings me back to when it came out on saturday morning on kids wb.i really liked the cool memory.
    r.l.stine is the best writer.When the lights fade and the moon rises anything can quote ever.just shows how awesome old times were back then.
    the plot of this was just so cool.a house of forgotten people,it was alright.i really found it filled with action as a little a little kid id love waking up in mornings on saturday just watching this.*sigh*good old memories are always going to stay in my heart for ever.
  • Freaky and orignal!

    The Nightmare Room is an orignal classic show that is based on R.L Stine\'s book series. I can\'t believe the show has ended, but I will always know that the show was good! In this episode a family moves into a cursed home and soon discover that once you enter the house you will forget the existence of the person! Amanda Bynes stars in the episode! Its good, and shocking! You will like the Nightmare Room.