The Nightmare Room

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • The best show worth watching,Definitely worth your time!

    This show is another one of R.L.Stine's anthology screams just like all of his other shows,goosebumps and fear street. I enjoyed watching this show as a little kid and i still do. What does it take to bring this show back? I wonder why The show got cancelled?
    I Personally thought this show (nightmare room)was more worth watching than goosebumps. Me, not a goosebumps fan, But Nightmare Room was way fun Even if it was too short. They could've made more episodes/seasons though, either way it's still worth watching no matter if it's short. R.L.Stine's Genius
    Lives on and on and on!!!!!!
  • The Nightmare Room Is A Series About A World That Vanquishes.

    In A World Of Where Nightmare's Become Reality,This
    Is A Pretty Good Definition For Kid Horror.This Is
    One Of Those Shows That Should Be Watched Quietly And When Your Alone.It's One Of Those Things That Bring Back Memories.These Shows Are Always What Makes Your Past Be Good.This Show Is Great,For Example:Quote:When The Lights Fade And The Moon Rises Anything Can Happen.The Best Quote Ever.This Shows That The Old Times Are Better Than The New Times.Kid Horror:I Watch Alone.Stuff Like This Just Brings Back Memories.I Highly Recommend This Show.
    Review Is Over.One More Thing:The Nightmare Room:Great.GooseBumps:Not Really A Fan Of Goosebumps Myself,It's Not That Great.
  • R.L. Stine still has what it takes to give us all GOOSEBUMPS!

    R.L Stine finally released a new TV program for kids a few years ago, titled "The Nightmare Room" - which was basically an update on his classic Goosebumps series.
    The stories in this (sadly) short-lived series are still captivating and star a plethora of present day stars such as Amanda Bynes (The Amanda Show), Justin Berfield (Malcolm In The Middle), Frankie Muniz (Malcolm In The Middle), Madeline Zima (The Nanny) and Shia LaBeouf (Even Stevens).

    Of course (being an R.L. Stine series), most of these episodes were based on his actual books and The Nightmare Room was a great kid's anthology series. What a shame it was too short lived. Doesn't that just give you Goosebumps?
  • i'm a fan of shows from the old days,and i do not like anything that's on tv now a days.i also like to listen to rock and watch scary stuff on tv,like movies,shows,and hauntings.i just love the old stuff. i miss everything now.i wish to watch old shows to

    I miss it.I want to see it again.shows suck now a days.i just want to go back to the old times.Everything tht is on tv IS dissapointing now A days.seriously.people don't know how to invent stuff now.i just wish i had a time machine so i can go to the past and see all my cool memories of shows and all the classics,i just wish the tv station would just put all the classic shows back on tv so it can be fun again.why don't they just do that?just put stuff back we could just watch classics olds.
  • Thie is a TV series that is based on one of R.L. Stine's series.

    I really enjoy this show. I have watched 10 of the episodes online. I would really like to see the other 2 episodes. My favorite Nightmare Room episode is The Tangled Web. This series is my second favorite horror series. I have only read one Nightmare Room book, but I saw the episode to it. When I was younger, I didn't even know that Nightmare Room was on TV, I liked watching Kids WB though. This show has lots of villains and horror. I'm glad that Nightmare Room is online. This show will always be one of my favorites, or at least I hope so.