The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Season 1 Episode 10

Beautiful Day

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 16, 2011 on ABC Family

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  • beautiful day


  • omg why did they take it off i miss the show

    Can u please bring back nine lives of Chloe king please why is it that every time there is a great show someone takes it off the air please bring it back
  • Oh mai god!!


    May I just say, in this summer finale The Nine Lives ofChloeKing was the best it's ever been!!The episode may have started just like any other one but it ended with a bang....orforty!

    Brian and Chloe met with Brian's grandmother......... whoactually turned out to be one of the bad guys who intend to harm Chloe.A little laterChloeconfessed to her mother that she was in love with Brian ( and all Alek fans loaded uptheirshot guns). Alek heard it all and he lookedabsolutelyheartbroken tellingChloeshe was going to regret it. ( Come on Alek, i love you and all but she can't help it! You still got your looks)

    Crushed, Alek returned home, only to findValentinaand Jasmine dying/dead on the floor with his *gasp* long lost brother responsible for it all. Yeah I didn't see that one coming!

    Chloe's momunknowinglymet with Brian's evil dad, and gotcreepilyhit on by him before she got into a car with him :-O!

    Chloe'smeeting with her dad did not go as she planned. Instead of her father Chloe was greeted by three goons who attacked her and just to put the cheery on top of thesundae she then got shot by Brian's dad's ladycollege. Hearing the gunshots , Brian ( who gave Chloe a ride) rushed to see if Chloe was all right.Seeingher sprawled out on the stairs he confessed his love for her and kissed her. ( Yeah ok buddy don't all 911 or anything! This isn't beauty and the beast man you are not gonna heal her with your profession of love, no matter how cute it is).

    So dead (maybe) count for season finale = 5....Brian ( i hope not!), Chloe's mom, Valentina, Jasmine, Chole's dad?

  • Isn't this supposed to be a teenage drama series? This episode is more like a full blown mystery thriller.


    It starts rather harmless with Chloe and Brian visiting his lost grandmother but it becomes rather intense when Chloe's dad asks for a meeting and the order moves to eliminate her closest friends.

    In the end Chloe lost another of her lives and it seems that Jasmine and her daughter are dead, killed by Alek's brother while Brian kissed Chloe and died as well.

    All this makes a really intense episode which got me glued to my seat and gives real hope for series.