The Nine Lives of Chloe King

ABC Family (ended 2011)


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  • Fun show to watch, good acting, good writing!

    I really enjoyed this show. It had a good storyline, fun characters that were interesting, and good actors. Why did they cancel it? Especially with some of the other lousy, terrible shows that were renewed?

    Some other good shows worth watching: Terra Nova, Switched at Birth, Moonlight, Firefly, Star-Crossed, Kindred - The Embraced, Dracula (2013) tv series, Marvel's Daredevil, and the new Colony tv series. All good acting and good storylines!
  • I want more interesting story from this series!!!

    why cancel the series ABC Family!!! i love that series, never too late to bring it back. i love seeing Alek and Chloe together, they make a better couple than Brian(no offense). please bring back the series and film that movie titled : the nine lives of chloe king:salvation. the script was amazing and would love love love to see the movie in real live!!!! please producers and directors and ABC Family, its the least you can do for the fans .
  • Cant believe they cancelled theres never to late to bring it back.

    I absolutely love this show gutted it got cancelled but never to late to bring it back. make more now!!
  • Don't leave the fans of Nine Lives of Chloe King Hanging!!!

    I fell in love with he first episode. The more I watched the more I was glued to my seat and to the tv. I already knew the show was canceled, but it wasn't until recently that I watched all full ten episodes. I really wished they made more... Why did they cancel it in the first place? Will there be a movie? Don't leave us hanging!!!! Please Please Please reconsider, bring this show back please.
  • MAKE MORE!!!

    I think there should have been more! I loved this show and was excited to watch it, but then I finished the 10 episodes and thought: That's it? It's never too late to make more!
  • Seriously bring it back!

    This show is so awesome. i wish it never ended they didnt even give us a good explanation as to why it ended. This show could be so much better, its not too late to bring it back. id love to see more of it. Also i hope its possible that brian could be back too.
  • Pls Bring It Lives of Chole King

    It was good and guess it would have got better if it was given a chance. It would be really nice if it could start again.

    this show was AWESOME cannot believe they cancelled sad :(
  • Should complete the series now!!

    It's an amazing story that should be finished, they should plan to air more than one series if the show is based on a character with NINE LIVES. I really hope they choose to finish it!! It's horrible not having a complete story like that, especially with all it's potential. That and right now show and movies with this level of supernatural, mythology, and fantasy are very popular and increasing in popularity. Had I known this show was on tv sooner I would have watched it way sooner, maybe even purchased the DVDs!! Please finish the series !!!

    I would totally be fine with a netflix original-style thing done with it, as long as it is available in Canada!
  • Bring it back

    this show is so amazing, i REALLY want someone to bring it back one air
  • too awesome to handle

    I really really really want someone to bring this show back, it was great. Don't know why they cancelled it in the first place; big mistake.
  • :( Bring back my favorit show!!!

    TNLOCK was by far one of my, as well as all of my friends shows! We are alllll soo sad that ABC cancelled it :( Do the right thing, and just bring it back!!! Please!!!
  • If you like magic and fantasy, this is it!

    This show is great and I don't know why they cancelled it was a great show. Will ABC bring it back?
  • Amazingly done.

    It has great fight scenes, love triangles that aren't too much or too fast like you'd see in Twilight. This series actually makes sense and is a must watch. However, I don't recommend watching it since the season 2 has not appeared yet (and it's been more than 2 years). You'll be stuck wondering what will happen next.
  • i love this show

    bring it back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Nine Lives of Chloe King is good

    i think it is not bad and i do not want canclled
  • Shouldn't have been cancelled

    This was an interesting show. It was different, usually supernatural type shows are either about vampires, werewolves, or witches. But this was different, it was really good. They left us with such a cliffhanger. Shouldn't have gotten cancelled!
  • Bring It Back!

    It was a unique show and have an actual plot! I loved it and was so sad when i realised it wouldnt go on another season. They keep the show about a pregnant teenager but takes this away?! They cant end it this way. I really was looking forward to seeing what would happen.
  • Bring the show back!

    I have one thing to say I love Nine lives of chloe King and then you just take it away bring it back and cancle Switched at Birth because that is a stupid show and people only watch it because theres nothing else better to do. I would like it if you brought beck Nine Lives of Chloe King because people loved that show. When you ratings dropped it's becuase the show wasn't on anymore so they couldn't watch it. What i'm trying to say is please bring the show back cause I would be gratefull if you did. Look at the other reviews we all want the show back and all of my friends love the show also so just bring the dame show back.
  • Best show i ever started to like because of an accident!

    Accidents can sometimes be good, like the time i was looking for something good to watch on Netflix. I found "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" it was so good i watched it all in less than a night.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BRING IT BACK OR I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Skyler Samuels need to bring this show back

    they need to make a second season because it was getting so good and i wanna know who chole choose :D <3 please make a new season for all your fans gosh is that so hard to do?
  • needs to be brought back!

    i just started watching the nine lives of Chloe King. I just recently found it on netflix and i have two more episodes till i will finish it. the series is really interesting and i do not want it to end. There is not a lot of shows on TV that will really interest me. I also have a hard time finding fantasy shows that are not in cartoon form. i really like cats and at first i didn't think i would get into the series but in the first fifth teen minutes i was hooked! i actually am only 15 years old but i have gotten 35 of my friends watching this show. we all are truly mad because we are near the end and their is no further episodes to this series. the action in the series was unsuspected, all the people hunting Chloe down is what makes it interesting, and how Chloe died in the first episode and gets explained to how she is Mai. I also enjoy the confusion that Chloe has between Alec and Brian. I hope all the other shows that ABC is making and not getting a lot of ratings will soon bring the nine lives of Chloe king back.

  • Am so waiting

    this stink's you leav it open for part two ok read alot of thinks on ask saying season two should be coming soon then you kill it theres alot of protest if you want more viewer's then make season two and just advertise alot and boom lots of fans,seriously ruined it for all of us.....

    (Alec is so H.O.T. many people will miss them, btw what happens to jasmine and her mom)
  • lalalalalalala

    they need to bring it back i have been wanting to watch it.... they just dont kno a good show if it smacked them in the face.... they need to bring it back if so many people really wanna see it
  • whyyyy..just whyyyy. do like hurting must do .

    It wasn't fair at all..i was over here thinking it was coming back, it was a really decent show..wouldn't you agree? you people should be considerate and bring this show back..i know for a fact we aren't the only ones that love this do were part of it..why not give it another chance..what happen to the words that everyone should keep in mind "never give up" . JUST bring the show i know 1 voice doesnt really matter to about millions..hmmm you cant deny that..could you?
  • add more

    i think that this show is one of the greatest shows. But i also think that there needs to be more episodes. Also chloe still has more lives left so i dont think you should end the show while she is still alive. Another thing is Chloe still dosent know where she came from and how she ecame mie. Next is you dont k ow if Alek and her are going to get back togerther so that is why i think you should put more episodes so we know whats going to happen.
  • Loved the show

    Rediculos you canceled it . You just don't know a good show
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  • abc family

    sucks bc they cancelled this show. Never watching any of there another shows again. unless they put this back on
  • chloe king

    this is my favorite show im gonna stop watching all the abc family show bc u cancelled this!
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