The Nine

Season 1 Episode 5

All About Eva

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on ABC

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  • Nick investigates Eva Rio's past in an emotional episode.

    What an episode really. This episode shows how great this show is. The acting in this episode was superb. The girl that played Eva Rios, Lourdes Benedicto was outstanding. A hear-wrenching that shows you as Nick said how some special people can come into your life then leave. I know Nick didn’t honestly want to believe Eva was involved in the bank holdup, but as a cop he had to follow the lead. He finally learned the truth, but still learning the truth still hurt because Eva was gone.

    Malcolm, meanwhile tries to help the widow of the security guard, Tom, killed in the holdup. Another sad but excellent commentary on corporate society. This guy served 12 years as a security guard, but the bank shameless think he’s life is just worth $43,000. However, the disgusting truth doesn’t stop there, as Malcolm mentions to the bank executive how numerous emails and attempts were made to tell the bank to reinforce security but all the bank did was ignore those warnings.

    Meanwhile a hearing is setup for Lucas and Randall (the criminals who held the bank). Felicia Jones (Malcolm’s daughter) is questioned because she visited Randall. However, that turns out to be a dead end for the defense as Felicia just mentions that Randall was
    Less of an evil person than his brother.

    Anyhow, this episode was terrific. What sticks out here is the attraction, lost and potential love that could have been with Nick and Eva. Tim Daly and Lourdes Benedicto give grade A performances in the last scene that will leave you in tears.
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