The Nine

Season 1 Episode 4

Brother's Keeper

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Brother's Keeper

It is 3:16 p.m., and the opening flashbacks show Randall emptying the cash drawer. Felicia is still on the phone. When Lucas hears the voice on the other end, he realizes the police know what's going on. Both Lucas and Randall leave the bank with the money.

Cut to a gospel choir in a church singing a dirge-style song, then to a montage of some the Nine in various stages of their day. Their lives are back to their usual schedules, but they are not feeling the same as they were before the robbery.

Lucas's lawyer pays him a visit in prison. Randall's health is worsening, and the lawyer tells Lucas that Randall needs a transplant. They can either use another donor or a family member. His lawyer advises against it because it might make Lucas look worse than he already does. Lucas flashes back to the robbery when Randall is pointing a gun at him.

At the hospital, Lizzie watches Randall in his hospital room from the hallway. Apparently she has heard about Randall's condition and informs Jeremy that Randall has refused treatment. She wants to confront him before he dies. "If he dies and I never get to face him, all I'll be left with is what he did." She doesn't want to live with the anger of what he did anymore.

Nick is working a case where an elderly couple is found dead. He learns the neighbors heard the son, who was caring for them, arguing with them. Jeremy calls Nick to let him know about Randall's health.

Kathryn and Ed are eating breakfast, and she apologizes to him for being distant.

Egan tells his wife he is attending a bachelor party and then blurts that they, as a couple, are not happy.

Carlos calls Franny to tell her he knows about the fund for Ricky, and he demands money from it. Franny calls Nick to explain that Carlos been harassing her for the money for awhile now, and she asks Nick for help. Nick is short with her and tells her he will see her at the diner later. Nick then catches up with the medical examiner from the "What's Your Emergency" episode and asks whether the results implicating Jeremy can be changed. The medical examiner says he can't change the findings.

Another flashback reveals that Nick told everyone to get behind the counter after Lucas and Randall left the bank, saying that it's the safest thing to do rather than leaving. Fanny tries to tell Nick they can leave by the back door, but he shuts her down.

In the present day, Lizzie asks Randall's nurse if she can see him. Randall takes much pleasure in refusing Lizzie's request.

At the diner where the group is meeting, it is revealed that Carlos is demanding money because a gang has put a price on his head. Kathryn says she will look into it. Egan tells everyone he has left his wife and asks Nick for advice because Nick is divorced. Nick advises him to get a good lawyer. Malcolm offers Egan a place to stay. Lizzie arrives and tells everyone she had tried to see Randall, but he refused. She is frustrated that she won't have the chance to confront him.

Nick and Egan want Randall dead. Malcolm says "This is out of our hands. It's God's will now. " This comment causes Franny to exclaim that God had nothing to do with what happened to all of them. Nick replies, "If you think you're going to get some kind of satisfaction out of this, some kind of closure, you're wrong." Kathryn replies, "I've seen a lot of people get something out of seeing justice done" An uncomfortable silence leads to Nick leaving. Lizzie asks the others what they all want to do.

Lizzie visits Lucas in prison, where it is revealed that Lucas knew she was pregnant before Jeremy did. Lizzie wants to know what has to be done to get Randall to have the surgery. Lucas replies, "There's only one thing that will change his mind. Me." She tells him everyone wants him to convince Lucas to have the surgery because they don't believe Lucas should have to take the fall for everything that happened in the bank.

Egan checks into a hotel.

In Nick's office, he flashes back to the bank to Malcolm, who is worried about Felicia and Nick is still trying to get everyone behind the counter. Hearing the sirens, Randall throws the bag to Lucas and tells him to run for it and promises to serve as a distraction to the cops. He joins the others inside and informs him there's been a change of plans.

Nick receives a voice mail from Kathryn telling him she knows it must be hard that everyone comes to him with their problems.

Lucas's mother visits the jail.

Nick questions the son of the couple who had been murdered.

Lucas's mother says the media is making her out to be the bad guy. There is mention of a surgery she went through previously that is preventing her from helping Lucas now.

Back to Nick's interrogation. Nick sympathizes with the son and tells him it must be hard to take care of everyone.

Back to the prison, the mother is talking about how Lucas had served his country.

Back at interrogation, Nick tells the son about his drunken father and how Nick had to take care of him and never received a thank you.

Lucas' mother admits she made mistakes.

Kathryn and Ed discuss Randall's situation from a lawyer's perspective. Kathryn admits she had a favor to ask of Ed.

Egan and Jeremy are at the bachelor party.

Kathryn asks Ed to move Carlos to another prison. Ed says he will see if he can.

Nick is seen at his desk, opening up a poker site online.

A very drunk Jeremy tells Egan that Lizzie is pregnant. Egan also notes Jeremy is checking our Franny as she walks away, to which he adds, "Well, that's gotta make things confusing."

Lizzie gets a call from Lucas, who wants to know who of the eight all wanted him to talk Randall into the surgery. Lizzie tells them that Nick and Egan thought Randall should die, Malcolm abstained, and Jeremy thought they should try to save him. They are both surprised at Jeremy's vote. There is speculation that Franny drove Jeremy and Lizzie apart in the bank, but maybe it was Lucas. During this phone call, it is revealed that Lucas didn't know Felicia.

A handcuffed Lucas arrives at the hospital. He is taken to Randall's room, where Lucas promises to be there for his brother, and that he should let Lucas give him part of his liver. The brothers had been awake for two straight days before the robbery. Meanwhile, Lizzie is watching the brotherly exchange from the hallway. Jeremy comes up and tells Lizzie he will be there for her during the pregnancy. Lucas is then led away.

Ed and Kathryn are in bed, where she looks unhappy. Ed takes a call, which reveals that Carlos did time at another prison at the same time as Randall did. Kathryn sticks up for Eva, saying there is no way she could have been part of the robbery.

Egan is passed out in front of Nick's house, and asks to stay with him. Looking reluctant, he wordlessly takes Egan's suitcase inside.

Malcolm is praying from the pulpit of the church. His words overlap with flashes of Lizzie, Jeremy, Lucas and Franny. The gospel choir is singing in the background.

In another flashback, Lucas is shown outside the bank after Randall had urged him to take the money and run. Lucas looks anxious as he grabs the bag and runs inside, to which Randall replies, "Looks like we're in this thing together."