The Nine

Season 1 Episode 4

Brother's Keeper

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on ABC

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  • they provided more evidence 2 imply that kathryn & lizzie were raped.

    it makes sense because kathryn was in a slip in the 1st episode & lizzie dumped jeremy because he didn't protect her inside. i liked that showed us that the hostage situation is partly nick's fault 4 ordering everyone 2 hide in the bank & not locking the door fast enough, which should have been the 1st thing he did. it was partly lizzie's fault 4 dialing 911 & partly felicia's fault 4 bringing her phone out. they did a good job of showing nick slide into gambling because everyone keeps calling him. i would think those sites would b blocked from his work pc the way they r at my work pc! i hope lucas doesn't actually donate his liver & that it was a ploy 2 give him the alcoholic liver instead. now that egan knows about jeremy & franny, i think jeremy should pursue her, how hot is this actress! it wasn't very exciting & they should just show the flashback uncut either at the end or the beginning of each episode but not cut up througout the way they did last night. it would have meant more 2 nick's storyline if they just waited until the end of the episode.
  • Three weeks later

    The fourth epiode of "the Nine," is starting to lose it's grip. I hope not. I love the series and I hope to keep watching it as long as my intrest is up. More stuff are reavel in the first hour of the hostage crisis. Overall, that hostage crisis inside the bank reminds me of the 1979 takover of the American embassy by radicals and for 444, held the Americans as hosages. it's going to take a while until the whole truth about what's inside the back is reaveled. Also the pregamacy of one of the cast members. It going to be the longest pregmacies in television history.
  • What is going to happen to this show?

    I think that this show suffers from the fact that a lot of viewers do not have patience. All of us are eager to find out just what happened in the bank, but it is being spooned out a little at a time. Hopefully, the entire story of just what happened would be fasinating. However, I'm beinning to wonder if the show will last long enough to tell us. Its poor ratings do not bode well. This is really too bad as all the elements are there for a really good program. The interaction and growth of the various characters is very well acted. Egan is a marvelous character who has made some amazing changes in his life. Kathryn has been revitilizd from her rather dull life by her attraction to Nick. The always appealing Scott Wolf (Jeremy)entered the bank with one women in his life and left with two women and a baby!