The Nine

Season 1 Episode 4

Brother's Keeper

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on ABC

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  • What is going to happen to this show?

    I think that this show suffers from the fact that a lot of viewers do not have patience. All of us are eager to find out just what happened in the bank, but it is being spooned out a little at a time. Hopefully, the entire story of just what happened would be fasinating. However, I'm beinning to wonder if the show will last long enough to tell us. Its poor ratings do not bode well. This is really too bad as all the elements are there for a really good program. The interaction and growth of the various characters is very well acted. Egan is a marvelous character who has made some amazing changes in his life. Kathryn has been revitilizd from her rather dull life by her attraction to Nick. The always appealing Scott Wolf (Jeremy)entered the bank with one women in his life and left with two women and a baby!