The Nine

Season 1 Episode 2

Heroes Welcome

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • A kind of show Ive been waiting for pilot and \"heroes welcome\" all wrapped in one episode CTV airs the newest episode on tuesdays.

    3:06 Hour One
    The First episode was extremely esciting Ive been waiting for a show with this kind of plot remembering the before and not knowing whats going on. So far I dont know whos my favirote Chacter but I do enjoy felcia and Eagan (eccentric man who takes a stand at his office I love the scene in the cubicals. Franny had drugs hmm interesting I thought she would call out eagan for making her a charaity case. shes also in love with the doctor who kills the robber that somehow got hurt he really reminds me of Jack from Lost I thought it should of been his EX gf that should of killed him shes also pregnanent by the doctor who hasnot told him yet. The Cop and the layer (Nick & katherine) they seem to have a connection and alot of political stuff was in this episode. Felicia must of had a relationship or somthing with lucas whos taking the fall for his brother. We find out felicia ws involved with calling the police and what mistake did the FBI do? The soundtrack was good I personally like the one from Coldplay. Its well written and acted no surprise there the ratings should be stronger the only thing I did not enjoy was littile but of the bank robbery was revealed I thought there would be more. I will defently keep wacthing.