The Nine

Season 1 Episode 2

Heroes Welcome

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • Not a pilot fluke. Easily the BEST show on television.

    The Nine is simply the best. It's got incredible writing matched with exciting, fast paced stories, and the best cast I've seen in years.

    Personal Favorites:

    Chi McBride is the best of the best. He's a terrific actor and has the best character: a strong, intellegent, and kind human being. It's impossible not to like his character, who is the least selfish of them all.

    Kim Raver doesn't have the best character, but she's one strong actress. I've been a fan of her's since her run on Third Watch, and it's great to see her on TV again.

    Camille Guaty has to be one of the most beautiful girls on the planet! The girl grew up VERY well! Her free spirited character is fun to watch. It's easy for the audience to empathize for her as well.

    The rest of the cast is great as well.

    I have a few worries about the show. The most thrilling moments of the show happen during the bank robbery flash backs. I'm worried that A) they won't show enough of these moments, which explain why these characters act the way they do and the decisions they make, each episode or B) too much will be shown and the show will be forced to end before it's time. But hopefully producers have all of this figured out already.

    I love this show. Simple as that.