The Nine

Season 1 Episode 2

Heroes Welcome

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • Better and Better

    What a great episode! I've saw quite a lot of criticism about this show during the week and with this episode I'm sure a lot of those is going to stop! Off course, we still have what I call "useless users", those who vote for episode they didn't see or give bad score to show and all of that because they don't like 1 episode!

    I have to say that the episode 'Heroes Welcome' is really different than the pilot. There is no more character introduction, they are just showing what, those who want to see this show, were expecting! You see Egan who is, in a certain way, benefiting of this tragedy! He changed his life and took it into his hands and it's just impossible to say "This guy was suicidal first, now he enjoy life and live each second of it."

    I'm sure everyone was surprised to learn that Felicia wasn't in love or anything like that with Lucas! People were saying that a lot during the last week! What I say to those who aren't sure if they want to watch this show or not is, go ahead, try but keep an open mind, if you do like a lot of people and think it's only about the bank robbery and you don't try to understand the link between the cast you'll never be able to understand the show! In my opinion, this show is for a mature audience, it's not everyone who can understand the concept of the episodes!
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