The Nine

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

The man who murdered Nick's father is now out of jail. He and a friend from his childhood (the son of Nick's father's partner) come to the conclusion that they have to kill the man. Nick goes his apartment, beats him up a little, and finds out that his father's partner was a dirty cop.

Franny's mother shows up for lunch and Franny's grandmother ends up in the hospital. At the end, the three women are happy and looking at old photographs.

Lizzie tries to help Felicia with her visions of Lucas, but hits a roadblock when Felicia wants to know how Lucas protected her. Lizzie tells her that it isn't her place to tell and Felicia goes to her father.

It turns out as Randall was trying to rape Kathryn, Malcolm stopped him and told him to beat him up rather than hurt Kathryn. Randall proceeds to beat up Malcolm. After he is finished, he grabs Felicia off the floor and begins to drag her away. Lucas stops him saying he will let all the hostages go if Randall continues to take the girl away.

Kathryn's campaign seems to be going well until she wants to talk to the voters. As she tries to get their attention, they all blow her off, walk away, or ignore her. With Egan's help, Kathryn's idea to meet the voters becomes successful.

Felicia retrieves photographs of Lucas from the trash, Nick is watching his partner's son play with his kids, Franny and her family are looking at photos, and Kathryn and Egan talking about their fathers.