The Nine

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

The flashback takes place in hour 4 of the robbery. Outside the bank, the police are interviewing Nancy to find out who is still inside the bank. She works with a sketch artist in an attempt to draw Lucas and tells them what the other hostages do for a living, so they can attempt to find out who they are and contact their family members.

Inside the bank, no one is eating the pizza. Kathryn is worrying about her mother and Nick knows they will soon realize he is in the bank and will use him to help.

Nancy still struggles to identify the other people. She flips through what appears to be a hospital registry and does not find Jeremy. "I told you, he looks like he's twelve years old."

The police find Eva and Franny's grandmother, who the cops say are the only relatives they could find. Inside, Eva worries about Ricky. Franny reassures her.

Ed arrives at the scene and is briefed by the officer in charge. It is revealed this is Randall's third offense, which means it is back to prison for a very long time. The police say to Ed, "This would be his blaze of glory."

Back in the present day, Egan prepares to go camping at Big Bear, and is in the driveway packing his car. He realizes he misses Mary because she used to pack for him. Nick tells him he will miss her in some odd ways. Nick leaves for work, and pauses briefly as if he senses something, then drives away. A woman in a car pulls out and follows him.

Back at the bank, Jeremy's parents are being asked about his huge medical school debt and about Lizzie. Jeremy's parents speak compassionately about her, and Jeremy's mother says, "Lizzie's like a daughter to me." She tells them Lizzie had a younger brother with severe autism and, as a result, Lizzie was often ignored. The autism tore the marriage apart and Lizzie left her family in Wisconsin to get away.

Back in the present day, Jeremy's mother visits the hospital. Lizzie sees her and realizes Jeremy had not told her they were having a baby.

Franny is getting ready for her day ahead, picking out jewelry. She retrieves box from the closet that has Eva's things in it. She discovers an envelope from the bank that has a key in it. She looks shocked.

At the hospital, Lizzie asks Jeremy why he hasn't said anything to his parents. He says he wasn't sure she wanted doting grandparents because she had kept the pregnancy a secret for so long. He is also worried the conversation will lead to why they aren't together anymore, which would lead to what happened in the bank between them. He walks away and Lizzie looks after him sympathetically.

At the DA's office, Kathryn and Nick meet because they are on the same case. Word has spread about the engagement. Nick doesn't react to the news, but does smile and congratulate her.

Flashbacks show Malcolm's wife answering questions about why Malcolm was suspended from the football team in college because of a fight. She defends her husband, and tells them the fight was between him and an old friend, who felt Malcolm thought he was too good for them. She says his family was difficult to deal with, and tells them the bank employees are just like family to him. "He takes care of his own," she tells them.

In the present day, Franny is on the steps of the bank, upset with Malcolm because he didn't tell her Eva had a safety deposit box. He admits she was right and apologizes. He offers to bring the contents out to her if she's not ready to go inside.

Back at Kathryn's office, Nick sees the woman who was tailing him – it is his ex-wife, Juliana.

Flashbacks show the cops interviewing another cop who knew Nick well, probably an old partner. He tells him Nick had some personal issues, but was also brave and had good judgment. He says Nick's ex-wife was also a cop and that she "sucked him into trouble."

Back in the present, Juliana tells Nick she's been working a narcotics case and she thinks she has been made. She wants him to get into touch with one of his old contacts to find out whether the guys she's been undercover with know she's cop. She is overly wrought and tells Nick she can't go home and she's always looking over her shoulder. Nick promises to call his contact. He advises her to go back to the station.

During a flashback, Jeremy's parents tell the cops he would be very protective of Lizzie.

In the present day, Jeremy's mother grills him about why he and Lizzie aren't together anymore. He refuses to tell her. She worries more about what he went through. She asks him to come to Friday Shabbat dinner, saying they really miss him. He tells her he has to work and she begs a little more.

Franny and Malcolm enter the back, where Franny looks upset and experiences a few brief flashes from the robbery, but presses on. They enter the vault where the deposit boxes are and when Franny opens Eva's box. She discovers her grandmother's pearl earrings, Ricky's birth certificate, and letters from Eva and Franny's mother. One letter is dated four months previously. Franny says she hasn't seen her mother in 20 years.

Flashback to Franny and Eva's grandmother telling the cops how their mother left when Eva was 8 years old and Franny was 4. She tells them she doesn't know where she is. The cops also ask her why she pressed charges against Franny for stealing some time ago. A cousin thought their mother was in Salt Lake City, and Franny wanted to go. She stole her grandmother's credit card to fly down there, only to find out it wasn't her mother. This was the reason their grandmother dropped the charges.

In the present day, Franny is outside the bank reading the letters. She had made herself think her mother was dead. She tells Malcolm she feels betrayed that Eva never told her their mother had been living just 20 minutes away for the past five months. The mother's letters reveal she really wanted to see her daughters.

Nick and Juliana sit in a truck waiting to meet his contact. They argue.

Jeremy tells Lizzie he is going to Shabbat dinner, and plans to tell them about the baby and nothing more. He asks what he should tell them about reaching out to her. She says she misses them. He says she should have their support. Then he invites her to come with him, and tells her to think about it.

Back with Nick and Juliana, she reveals she came down to the bank to profile him during the robbery. Then she reminds him of her call afterwards. He says he got the message and thanks her. She mentions Egan moving in, which reveals she had been staking out the house. Nick's contact shows up he gets out of the truck to meet him. The contact shakes his head at Nick as if to warn him, and Nick turns around to see two men walking toward the truck. He shouts at Juliana to get down. Shots are fired and Nick shoots one of the men headed for the truck. The other man runs off. Nick goes for his contact and Juliana gets the other man after her.

A flashback shows Juliana being interviewed at the bank. They ask her if he will cooperate. She says, "Depends on how he thinks you are doing out here." "So he likes control?," the cop asks. To which she replies, "He'll do what he has to do… the more dangerous the better."

Present day. Nick and Juliana arrive at his house, where they kiss passionately.

At Shabbat, Jeremy's mother prays, his father offers a toast, and Jeremy says the blessing over the bread.

Franny and Malcolm are in the car in front her mother's house. Franny says, "This is where you are supposed to say 'You have nothing to be afraid of.'" Malcolm replies, "You have a lot of be afraid of, but who gives a damn?"

Back at Shabbat, Jeremy reveals Lizzie is pregnant. His father is happy, but still doesn't understand why they are not together. Jeremy looks uncomfortable and Lizzie jumps in to say they aren't together because of her. She tells them when she came out of the bank, she was turned around and confused. Jeremy stops her, looking grateful, and says they aren't together because of him.

"We'd been trapped inside the bank for hours and hours. The security guard had just been killed. I'd seen people die on my table, but this was…" Jeremy's father interrupts "You feared for your life." Jeremy puts his hand up to stop him. "One of the gunmen grabbed me and Lizzie, and he took us away from the others. He took us into the back into a hallway. There was door at the end of it, an exit door. And the gunman was distracted for a few seconds and I ran to the door. Away from Lizzie. To save myself. I never made it out, of course, the gunman stopped me there before I could. And then I thought, "He's gonna shoot me, but in that moment I was more afraid of turning around and facing you. And when I did - the look on your face. I'll never forget. Betrayed. Abandoned. I did that to you."

Franny knocks on the door and asks the girl who answered if she's Ana's daughter. Another woman come to the door - it's Franny's mother.

Another flashback scene shows Juliana telling the cops the reason they split up was because she was always right and he was always wrong. The cop brings up a domestic violence call. She brushes it off by saying they fought a lot and that Nick would never lay a hand on a woman. She says, "In fact, I think I hit him that night."

Present day at Nick's house, Juliana is on the phone, still worried about getting caught. Nick tells her to get off the phone and reassures her she will be safe and they will figure it out.

Back at Franny's mother's house. She asks if Eva came to visit. She did. Franny asks why she never got a letter. The mother says she was a coward and didn't think Franny would remember her. Franny asks, "What your little girl's name?" Tiffany, it turns out, and Eva never met her. Ana says Eva was protecting her, wanting to check her out before Franny ever saw her. Ana claims to be afraid of her and was of Eva when she came to visit. Franny is confused by this and asks, "What could I do to you? What can I possibly take from you that can compare to what you've taken from me?" Her mother claims to love her, but Franny's not buying it. Ana wanted the meeting with Eva to go well, and while Eva said all the things she needed to say to Ana, instead of taking like a mother should have, she defended herself. They fought and Eva left. Ana still hoped to see Eva again, and to meet Franny.

Jeremy and Lizzie recap the evening, and realize they had never really talked about what happened in the bank. Lizzie realized she'd been so wrapped up in the way he hurt her that she didn't realize the hurt he must be going through as well.

Kathryn and Ed are at outdoor brunch. She wonders if she's there because she's engaged to Ed or because of how she'd built her own career. She assures herself that it's the latter. Nick crashes the party and wants to speak to Ed. Kathryn meets the mayor, and she's surprised he knows who she is. He says she's an inspiration to a lot of people after what happened at the bank.

Nick tells Ed about Juliana's situation and asks Ed to get the word out that the two men they have in custody are talking, and that they should back off. Ed promises to do what he can because Nick is worried his channels aren't enough to get the word out. Nick thanks him and congratulates him on the engagement. The mayor wants to meet with Kathryn and discuss her future. She is thrilled.

Nick arrives home to a highly agitated Egan, who wonders why he not only got frisked after trying to get in the house, but why Juliana had pulled a gun on him. Nick says it's a long story. Juliana has left and left a note for Nick telling him she was sorry that she dragged him into everything.

During another flashback, Jeremy's parents meet Malcolm's wife, and they hear shots and screams inside the bank. Over the police scanner, shots were fired in the northeast corner of the bank. Then, "prepare to go green! - meaning the SWAT team is going in.
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