The Nine

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on ABC

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  • On the outside looking in

    This episode of "the Nine," is on the relativers of the nine bank hostages. Right now, we're up to hour four and six weeks later. The relaties are outside the bank, talking to police about the people who are inside. I like this episode and sadly this may be the last. ABC has pulled the show until further notice and I don't know when it will return. Seeing the hostage crisis at the bank is one of the best reasons why I tune in every Wednesday night. but I don't know, people tuning out every week really breaks my heart. I hopoe it comes back.
  • Franny finds out Eva's secret, Nick's ex-wife shows up, Jeremey reveals his cowardly behavior and Kathyrn annouces her engagement to Nick.

    Another quality episode.

    It has to be said again, but this show really has great actors. They got Sasha Alexander (Kate from NCIS) and JoBeth Williams to guest star when you add actors like this to already a great cast with Tim Daly and Kim Raver you know you have something special. “The Nine” really is all about quality acting. The show also has a decent storyline , and probably the most important thing in any series, you really care about the characters and the characters are constantly being developed and reworked.

    Anyways, in this episode Kathryn announces her engagement, Nick gets a visit from his ex-wife Juliana (Sasha Alexander), Franny finds out that her alleged dead deadbeat mom is really alive, and Jeremy reveals his cowardice during the bank robbery to his parents.

    That’s it a nutshell, but the actors really made this interesting and entertaining. Nick (Tim Daly) isn’t happy to see his ex-wife. It seems Juliana was working with the FBI to help put a profile for Nick. They eventually have their intimate moment, but Juliana ends up fleeing the scene once again. Sasha as Juliana was great in this part. She was intense, serious and like Kate from NCIS had a touch of humor.

    Franny finds out that her mom is alive and that Eva was hiding this secret in a safe deposit box. Jeremy, the Dr., revealed his cowardice to his parents after announcing that Lizzie is pregnant. He really is a spineless little coward. I’d rather have Eva alive than him, but his detour from being a nice guy is expected. Overall, it was a great episode. They’re still going back and forth with the robbery and they still totally haven’t uncovered the “mole” but in later episodes we will probably see who that is.