The Nine

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on ABC

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  • In a bank robbery, 9 persons who didn't know at all seem to be linked for something it happened in the 52 hours they stayed inside the bank.

    Confusing and boring beginning chapter. It begins presenting the leading roles and their relationship. After that, it seems to have been a bank robbery where people who didn't know at all begin to be linked for something that happened inside the bank on the 52 hours they stayed inside... but nothing is revealed. It is because of that, that I doubt if I will watch another chapter. It has not caught my attention at all... so I do not recommend it. There are series that catch your eye immediately, but this is not the case I am talking about. Poor beginning.
  • very interesting start to a really good show! hope they keep it on, atleast for it's 1st season!

    I really enjoyed watching this show, it passed my expectaions, I thought that I'd only watch this show because am an addict to Tv shows and I appsolutely would watch anything, but I really believe this show is good, and I really wanna keep watching it! Hope they don't cancel it.. after all, they always cancel the good shows, but am keeping my fingers crossed..

    Plus, Scott Wolf is HOTT!! his dimples are to die for :D
  • Excellent start to an intriguing series.

    The pilot episode of The Nine was made free on iTunes not too long after the show was put on hiatus. If it's free, I'll give it a try. I was not disappointed.

    A bank is robbed, and some 52 hours later 9 people walk out of the bank, their lives changed forever. Yet something is not quite right, about any of it. The pilot sets everything up in splendid yet unclear detail, leaving you wanting more, as any good suspenseful series should. The characters are all excellent, not an undeveloped one among them. The writing is also superb, and every actor brings life to the part they portray.

    And the pilot is only the beginning.
  • Nueve personas, un asalto al banco, y personajes que mas parecieran haber sido abducidos que rehenes.

    El primer episodio nos muestra los pormenores del asalto al banco, y como es que cada uno de los personajes asume un rol posterior al mismo. Luego del rescate, cada uno de los integrantes empiezan a vivir vidas paralelas entre si, como si el haber sido rehenes hubiera formado lazos de amistad entre ellos. Sin embargo, algunos misterios surgen entre los personajes, como cambios de actitud, secretos que no desean revelar, amnesias delante de los investigadores y de los propios familiares... Nadie sabe lo que ocurrio dentro del banco, solo los sobrevivientes, incluyendo a los asaltantes.

    Los avances y las críticas del primer episodio de The Nine me llamo la atención. Grabe el programa debido a que no estaba en casa durante la premier. Una vez que empece a verlo, los primeros minutos estuvieron llenos de tensión, pues cada personaje tiene una vida propia que finalmente terminan en el banco cuando se realiza el atraco por los asaltantes. Lo que ocurre dentro del mismo es un misterio, y solo nos presentan a los rehenes saliendo con algunos rasguños y confundidos. A medida que avanza la trama, uno observa que los personajes han cambiado notablemente: el timido que pensaba suicidarse tiene una nueva actitud frente a la vida, la pareja que espera un bebe cambia completamente, el dueño del banco no quiere opinar sobre lo ocurrido en el mismo, y su hija guarda un secreto con uno de los secuestradores, el policia sigue teniendo problemas de socializacion pero se enamora justo de la unica persona que murio durante el asalto al banco. El episodio culmina con una reunion de los sobrevivientes en un restaurante, al mejor estilo de un re encuentro. Solo uno de ellos no asiste, y es la hija del banquero, que prefirió buscar al secuestrador para interrogarlo.
    Al igual que Commander in Chief, el comienzo ha sido tibio. Los primeros 15minutos de accion disminuyen mientras pasan los minutos. La trama se vuelve sosa y aburrida, y pareciera mas bien una abduccion que un secuestro por el repentino cambio de los personajes. Esperemos ver unos episodios mas para saber si debo seguir grabandolo o echarlo a la borda como una serie que empezo sin excitar al espectador.
  • One of the best of 2006!

    I hate it that this show, one of the best shows of the year is sandwiched with CSI NY. But these nine strangers after being held hostage during a bank robbery. Try to get on with their lives but find it very hard to do as they try to relate to one another. Tim Daly is great as the lead actor and the glue that holds it together. Hope that the show will find an audience on its own.
  • Confusing, boring, too many characters.

    This show is NOT what I expected from all the pre-pilot hype. The bank robbery was so poorly shot and lit that I can\'t figure out what exactly went wrong. The most interesting character is already dead, and there are too many other characters to keep track of.

    The summary on this site states that each episode shows TEN minutes of the robbery, yet each episode shows what happened AFTER the robbery. The summary also implies that the robbery took 52 hours. Confusing...

    I probably WON\'T be watching any future episodes, no matter how good the acting is. I simply don\'t CARE about any of these people.
  • The start of a long Journey

    I think "the Nine" is the best new program of the fall and yet I gave a 9.9 instead of a 10 because i am a little careful and I hope that the series won't drag down like some of the others than I have seen. I think I see some promise and in the coming weeks we will see what happen inside the bank and the 52 hour standoff that change the lives of the nine that is inside the bank. I got a feeling that a lot of surprises will come from this series. I hope it won't be a disapoinment, but I'm very high on the series.
  • Very interesting

    I\'m gonna start by saying i\'m surprised by so many negative reviews which I disagree with. I mean the show started great the mystery surrounding what happen in that bank is very intriguing and I\'ll watch becuase as of right now none of us knows which is gonna keep me going back for answers. How did Eva get shot, what happened to Felicia while she was away from her father, and Jeremy cheating on Lizzie and this is only the begining. If you haven\'t came aboard for the ride yet I suggest you do very soon this is gonna be a good one.
  • Who are the Nine?

    Nine people walk into a bank...sounds like the set-up for a good joke doesn't it? But instead the nine people are taken hostage during a robbery and their lives are never the same again.

    Something happened to each of them in the 52 hours they were held hostage. We get hints of it in the pilot episode, but no concrete answers. In a season full of serialized dramas, all with unique narrative hooks, this may be the most compelling of the new serialized dramas. After just one epiosde, I'm already fascinated by the potential backstories of all nine characters as well as what happened to them in the vault. The cast is great, the storytelling is good and the look of the show is spectacular.

    I just hope this one doesn't get lost in the shuffle of all the other new shows on TV today. It could be intereting to see what happened and how it will affect the lives of these nine people going forward.
  • Here's another one to axe.

    While I was looking forward to watching this show I found myself counting the minutes for it to be over. First off I had absolutely no connection to any of the characters. It was appartent that this was going to be another Lost premise wanna be. They just need to wrap this show up with the episodes they currently have on hand. Reveal the big secret of what happen. Who cares, I don't.. and I will not be tuning in to find out. I am so glad Top Chef is starting next week. If you don't have cable then CSI NY is recommended.
  • The show\'s attempt to generate suspense and mystery over the robbery feels forced. The pacing doesn't work. The story's climax lies in the past; nothing even vaguely intruiging seems to lie in the characters\' futures.

    Besides maybe boring each other, and the viewers, to death. Such as sitting around in coffeeshops talking mysteriously about said robbery, or having predictable romantic infedilities with each other while crying hauntedly about said robbery. I expect the show\'s future to be equally dismal.

    Too bad, really. The concept pushed by the trailer seemed kind of interesting. But now it almost feels like they wrote the lines for the trailer first, threw in a few hooks, then just added the rest of the pilot as filler.

    And it doesn't help the show that it airs right after Lost, which is everything this show isn't. If you're looking for a new show with strong characters and an unlikely but compelling premise, try Heroes, or even Jericho.
  • How fast will this get cancelled?

    I couldn't make it past the first half hour. I don't care about these over-dramatic strangers involved in an average bank heist, nor their problems, nor their flirtations. I'm fed up with overpromoted new tv series that formulistically have one long drawn out story that should been a movie. I can't be drawn into something so flimsy as one incident. It truely looks like some exec said to newly hired writers: "here's the main plot line, go with it!" Completely uninspired, working-only-for-a paycheck and because somebody was willing to fund this and if you thow enough on the wall, some of it's likely to stick, tediously hacked-up plot.
  • A bunch of off casts from all the other TV shows out there, get together and rip off Lost.. only in a bank.

    Ok, so I gave it a chance, but this is another example of the great TV Melting Pot having a leak. The fact that you can link 5 other TV shows without thinking to this one from the 'cast off' cast they've formed doesn't help deter the fact that this is a 'spin'/rip off of Lost's 'No Direct Information' approach. What I mean by that is... Lost made Flashbacks popular again and now we're going to be bombed with lots of shows doing flashbacks... yay...

    The idea is ok, the execution is lazy, the cast is too familiar and the direction is directionless. I'll give this one more episode to see how or where it goes, but I'm guessing it's all explained in flashbacks with the policeman being directly involved in the plot somehow to cover his gambling debts... or maybes it was a psychological experiment by Dr. Flox.
  • Q: What do you get when you cross good actors with a terrible story in which nothing happens? A: A terrible story in which nothing happens!

    I wanted to like The Nine. The teaser between Lost was intriguing, I love the Wings guy, and the network promised \"#1 Best New Show on TV.\"

    Winning formula?

    So I watched this train wreck and up until the last commercial I kept telling myself, \"it\'s going to get better. it\'s going to get better. #1 best new show on tv.\"

    Well, it never got better. The pilot had 60 minutes to convince me why I should watch The Nine, instead, it spent it\'s time flying around in circles, explaining nothing, going nowhere, and showing characters that I had no investment in.

    I\'m just supposed to believe these complete strangers became best friends after some amazing bank robbery?

    Show me, don\'t tell me.

    The Nine was a complete waste of my time and possibly the worst TV drama pilot I have ever watched.
  • The only show of the new season I even cared to watch. I feel a little let down, but...I will return.

    As far as pilots go...I don\'t ever think they are truly indicative of the series as a whole. I will definitely keep that in mind. I was really looking forward to this show. The only show of the new television season that I truly cared to watch...I guess it delivered what I was expecting, a set-up and entwining characters. We got that, but all in all...I wasn\'t as interested in the characters as I wanted to be... I suppose that will change as the weeks go on and we learn them better...but right off the starting gate...9 characters may be too much to hack into during a first episode if it\'s only an hour. What happened to the days of the two hour pilot?...That might have helped.

    Also, the editing. I can\'t put my finger on it. To fast...frenetic, maybe?...But I guess, for the most part, the framing of the episode was a problem. I..should know the name, but I don\'t...the social worker...starting with her as her retelling the story (learning it later as her police inteview)...just didn\'t make sense to me. She wasn\'t even the main character of the episode. I can see why they would want to start with that...since the concept of \"It was a day like any other\" fit in her lines and motivation. But...just flashing from that into the set up to the heist... I think it may have been better to just start with the ending of the seige. (I know others wanted to start with the actual seige.)...But even not knowing the characters and starting with the ending of the seige...would have been arresting television (forgive the pun.) As...mediocre as I felt things were...those moments earned an emotional response (a pit in my heart if you will)...but not because I knew the characters. It was the intensity and the visuals. Starting there would have been my vote...but, what do I know?

    I will say good things. I am intrigued. I do plan on returning for a few more weeks. I\'ve waited a while for this, and I\'m not giving up. Also, the twist was fascinating. I felt the whole time the \"forgetting\" was a cop out to sluff that character to the background in favor of the \"adults\"...but, it paid off in the end. Very cool.

    So, I was...a little disappointed, didn\'t like the directorial choices, think it needs stronger writer...but I\'ll shrug it off as Pilotitis. Bring on Episodes 2-5 and let\'s see if this puppy has some legs.
  • Good start to a potentially excellent show.

    I'll start by admitting I didn't care for the photography before, and immediately after the robbery sequence. Very distracting with the jump cuts, flashes, and no real focus on any of the characters. (I had no clue which sister had died till later.)
    On the other hand, the fact we weren't shown what happened in the bank is a good thing. Otherwise that would be most, if not all, of the whole story. We're led to believe that something happened in there that wasn't a simple bank robbery. The writers have admitted to us in a magazine blurb that what happened was "weird."
    Coming on the heels of Lost, the characters seemed wooden, and somewhat uninteresting by comparison. But maybe the premise, concept, and storyline will be enough to drive the show.
    I know I'm going to give this one a chance.
  • A truly uninspiring concept lacking in imagination or merit.

    Wow, so this show Lost did a really great thing for ABC two years ago. So let\'s think about the formula shall we?

    First you take a washed up actor from Fox\'s Party of Five who hasn\'t worked since that show went off the air. Then you put them in a situation that millions of people experience on a daily basis, but instead of everything going fine things go horribly wrong. What happens next is a direct result of that experience.

    Wait this idea gets better. Next you stir in some people that we may recognize from other TV shows or movies and you put them in the same scenario. Now we have to involve flashbacks into the episodes and some hazy mystery about what *really* happened/is happening. Bingo!! Instant hit. Or in this case, instant flop. Executioner, those are the charges against this offender, now off with its time slot.
  • Excellant start to the best new show on TV

    this is the best new show on TV. Period. This is ten times better that any other new show that has been put out this fall. I was so intrigued at how things played out at the beginning. the first ten minutes was one of the best opening montages i have ever seen. the acting was truely excellant in the way that they interacted with each other. Kim Raver was the best and could be looking at an Emmy if she keeps it up all season long. Another standout was the guy who played Nick, the cop. I can't recall his name. Anyway, i know that will be watching until the end of this one because so many questions are waiting to be answered.
  • A group of people enter into a bank. Nine people walk out & their lives are never the same.

    I really liked this episode & I am intrigued by what will happen & to slowly discover what happened to them. We\'ll probably never know the whole truth, but it will be interesting to find out as we go along. I really felt for these characters.

    Can't wait for next week already. 7 days is just too long.
  • I think this is going to be a good show

    I just finished watching the first episode, and i think it was great. I can't wait to see next weeks episode. Im not sure how they are going to keep the story going for a full season but it should be interesting. This episode kept my attention the whole time. Even though we only got a small look at the characters and their personalities i think that they have a good mix between them. If they can keep each episode as dramatic and fulled with as much excitment and tension as the first episode this is going to be a great show.
  • It was alright, but kind of messy and out of order.

    Yes, we haven\\\'t seen what really happened in the bank, but how could \\\"the nine\\\" end up being so close after only 52 hours?
    I do, however, like the potential love connections that could arise. And the ending was surprising so that was nice. But overall, the episode was kind of confusing.
  • Nope, don\'t like it whatsoever. Not a good start and don\'t see myself intrigued at all to watch it.

    The characters aren\'t developed at all. We are thrown around from the events to the afterlife. It seems spotty at best. It seems like its trying too hard to be different.

    I would rather see some action, not people discussing what happened. It\'s just plan annoying. Because for the most part I could careless. I gave the show a chance and it let me down. Everything seems rushed and the plot lines are not very immersive. They don\'t give much info on the characters and trying to piece together all the events show by show is going to get old. Just tell us what happened, THEN the aftermath.

    If you want better shows try Jericho on CBS and Heroes on NBC. Besides Lost ABC is a suckfest this year.