The Nine

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on ABC

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  • The only show of the new season I even cared to watch. I feel a little let down, but...I will return.

    As far as pilots go...I don\'t ever think they are truly indicative of the series as a whole. I will definitely keep that in mind. I was really looking forward to this show. The only show of the new television season that I truly cared to watch...I guess it delivered what I was expecting, a set-up and entwining characters. We got that, but all in all...I wasn\'t as interested in the characters as I wanted to be... I suppose that will change as the weeks go on and we learn them better...but right off the starting gate...9 characters may be too much to hack into during a first episode if it\'s only an hour. What happened to the days of the two hour pilot?...That might have helped.

    Also, the editing. I can\'t put my finger on it. To fast...frenetic, maybe?...But I guess, for the most part, the framing of the episode was a problem. I..should know the name, but I don\'t...the social worker...starting with her as her retelling the story (learning it later as her police inteview)...just didn\'t make sense to me. She wasn\'t even the main character of the episode. I can see why they would want to start with that...since the concept of \"It was a day like any other\" fit in her lines and motivation. But...just flashing from that into the set up to the heist... I think it may have been better to just start with the ending of the seige. (I know others wanted to start with the actual seige.)...But even not knowing the characters and starting with the ending of the seige...would have been arresting television (forgive the pun.) As...mediocre as I felt things were...those moments earned an emotional response (a pit in my heart if you will)...but not because I knew the characters. It was the intensity and the visuals. Starting there would have been my vote...but, what do I know?

    I will say good things. I am intrigued. I do plan on returning for a few more weeks. I\'ve waited a while for this, and I\'m not giving up. Also, the twist was fascinating. I felt the whole time the \"forgetting\" was a cop out to sluff that character to the background in favor of the \"adults\"...but, it paid off in the end. Very cool.

    So, I was...a little disappointed, didn\'t like the directorial choices, think it needs stronger writer...but I\'ll shrug it off as Pilotitis. Bring on Episodes 2-5 and let\'s see if this puppy has some legs.