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  • We have only just had The Nine for a few episode but I already love it.

    I couldn't imagine what people go through when their put in this position. I wouldn't want to go through what the people on The Nine went through. It looks scary. It's on tonight too. The ads on now LOL.
    I'm up to the episode where they find out their being followed. That's on tonight. Can't wait.
    I'm not really sure who my favourite is yet. It hasn't been on for that long so I'll just have to keep watching and find out.
    I do like Frannie and ummm another girl but I can't remember her name. Well I'll probably update this review when the season is over.
  • Great Show

    I watched the first seven episodes and bought them and was so disappointed that it was held up and not really known if it was going to be back. I was so sad and angry now that it is back I don't want it to end. The last episode was great and gave some depth to the show.

    Characters are becoming people that we are starting to care about. The show can be intense at times and take us to a point of whats next. I for one will continue to watch and I hope you do to. It really is a great show.
  • is it ever going to return?

    WOW and i mean WOW, i've only just caught the first episode of this after hearing about it here on and it is /was amazing. will it ever return from its hiatus because i hope so because the story is captivating and original with some awesome performances by the actors. Egan Foote rules, and "thats foote with an E" hope this returns if not then i'll be constantly rewatching the six episodes that were aired! was also good to see Timothy Daily back on a tv show after wings- i used to love that show when i was younger and want to watch it again now
  • I love this show. They got us caught up in this bank holdup that could truly happen to any of us. Then they leave us hanging about what went on in there.

    Each week they let us know a little bit more of what happened. They gave us insight into the different characters. Not just the victims but also the criminals that held them up. They hinted of something the cops did wrong. The different twists and turns of what went on. They need to bring it back and fill in the gaps. The bonding of all the victims and how the victims try to seek out the robbers to find answers. It's time to give the fans some answers and bring back a really good mystery of what they endured in those 52 hours. It is the best new drama in a long time. ABC needs to wake up and bring the show back.
  • Why bring back Six Degrees over the Nine?

    I was excited about both of these programs and after watching both pilots I decided they were both good. I continued watching them both, but by the second episode of Six Degrees I was already bored and stopped watching it. The Nine however I watched faithfully every week. I don't understand why they would bring back Six Degrees and even be considering it for another season and not do the same for the Nine. I loved that show!! It was really intriguing and pulled you in and made you want to see what was coming next! I was liking ABC before they kicked the Nine to the curb. They were really smart about Men in Trees which is a phenomenal show!! Bring the Nine back!!!!
  • 10
    Please please please bring this show back! It was so good and I looked forward to it every week. Enough reality shows! This is a winner and deserves to be seen. Great characters and writing. Please bring it back. How can you start the show and get us hooked and then pull it without telling the full story? I promise to watch and i'm sure all of the fans will too. If The Nine doesn't come back on the air then Kim Raver has to return to 24 and not be dead as they have said. Please air it. please
  • I can't believe you suck us in and then drop this show. it was interesting, it was different, it was worth the watch. let's get it together and bring it back, if only to wrap up the story lines. i'm going to boycott tv if this crap keeps happening.

    I can't believe you suck us in and then drop this show. it was interesting, it was different, it was worth the watch. let's get it together and bring it back, if only to wrap up the story lines. i'm going to boycott tv if this crap keeps happening.
  • Bring it Back

    Nine people, mostly strangers to each other, are linked together when they are held hostage in a bank robbery gone wrong. In each episode, viewers learn new details of the 52 hour standoff, of which only brief snippets are seen.

    The Pilot episode establishes the events which the rest of the series will embellish. Two men enter the bank, armed, and quickly restrain both the security guard and an off duty police officer. Viewers see details of what brought each person to the bank that day.

    Some time after the end of the standoff, the former hostages arrange a meeting with one another in an effort to stay in touch and help each other. Various characters also form relationships apart from the group and maintain regular contact with each other during the week, while others are connected through relationships that predate the events in the bank.
  • The Nine was the ONE REASON I went back to watching network TV. Finally a show that wasn't totally predictable. I would buy the First season on DVD if it was available.

    The Nine was the very best show of the 06/07 season. Nine people learn they share a common bond that was forged when they lived through a 52-hour hostage standoff during a bank robbery that changed their lives forever. Each episode will begin with a flashback that reveals another 10 minutes of the robbery that uncovers why and how these nine strangers remains linked to each others. The Nine was created by Hank Steinberg and K.J. Steinberg for ABC. Alex Graves and Hank Steinberg are executive producers. Correction: The Nine IS the very best show of the 06/07 season!

    Bring it back, give it a chance and maybe people will start watching ABC again. Otherwise people like me will just go back to non-network channels.
  • Sadly...

    The Nine was awesome, a TV show with something to talk about, but sadly it got cancelled too soon... These days nothing good stays on TV for too long, I can't tell why, but The Nine should not be cancelled. The cast was just great and the story behind it was amazing...
  • Ok-ABC,U need 2listen up!U'll NEVER get a show 2catch on if u keep canceling them &/or moving their time/night slots around.I HATE reality TV.Come-on,it\\\'s mindless-based,slightly better than Springer TV & oh,yeah,appeals to Springer's audience

    U're scheduling TV based on the unintelligent that are currently watching reality TV rather than trying to gain intelligent watchers like those of us who watch The Nine!Even after the stupid "Fall Finale" of Lost,WE KEPT WATCHING!Who ever heard of a "Fall Finale"?
    What happened 2airing a season of a show from Sept 2Mar/Apr w/only minor interruptions 4Special Programming?I miss the way networks scheduled a series when I was a kid.The modern way-just SUCKS!
    I kind of like the new summer season,but if u'd quit taking 1,2,&3month-long breaks,u might actually keep an audience 4a new show.At least show The Nine online.
  • The Nine is one of my favorite shows. I'm very disappointed that the show has been pulled.

    The Nine needs to be given another chance to succeed. It is one of the best shows this season. I like the writing and all the characters - especially Nick (Tim Daly). I'm disappointed that ABC chose to pull this show. I looked forward to seeing it every week. The show just needs more time to find an audience. I enjoy the flashbacks as it reveals what happened during the 52 hour ordeal and why the characters are reacting the way they are in the aftermath. Perhaps ABC should just move the show to another day to help the ratings. I thought LOST as a lead-in would have helped the shows ratings but even though it hasn't I feel The Nine needs to be returned to the air soon and heavily promoted.
  • How violence has a lasting effect. That is the BROAD THEME of the show's mirco-cosimic charater driven drama.

    I applaud ABC for running a drama that no other show has tackled in such a way (in primetime before).
    My favorite new show where action, suspense, and TRUE daily drama of how violence has a lasting effect FINALLY portrayed on TV. This is TV's answer for the reminder that all that violence does MEAN SOMETHING!!?!!? It's so real for me to watch the aftermath of a single pivotal moment taking hold & causing internal charater struggle. That makes for good TV drama, unlike the pre-show of drama suspeniful Gilligan's Island...

    I'm sure that LOST is a good show. But I don't watch it & it seems to have a plot line & theme which (pun intended) seems LOST its' self.
    I think lost was beleivable somewhat after the movie Castaway came out & started people thinking. Now with The Nine, people are thinking more about the violence which we are seeing daily. Regaurdless of either from disstant country of Iraq, Afganistan, or right down the street in a PA Amish school house. violence touchs us all. It is of concern to all Americans. It goes to the fear of daily life. This I think has bigger & better teeth to sink in & make good actual drama. I wonder about Eggan Foot though. There seems to be as much back story as there is potental charater devolpement.

    I just love the show so far. Keep it up!!?!!?
  • Yes!!! Thank you who ever came with the idea where have you been this past televison years woohoo!

    The show is fantastic omfg lmao lol this is one of those shows that keep getting better and better you people are probaly say to yourself \"why did i watch that show?\" ill tell you why because it was addicting and nothing will amaze you again after you thought the show is stinky well guess what your gonna come right back to it and watch it again and again dont tell us it was crapy!!!!!cause it isn\'t!
  • My new favorite show! I think it is going to get better every week!! I can't believe that twist at the end! WOW

    I am hooked on this new drama. I have to admit, after the premiere I wasn't sure how this show was going to play out. But I stuck around and gave the second episode a chance... and I am so glad I did! I think this show is amazing ... intelligent writing and acting (Kim Raver and Tim Daly are great)... what more could you ask for? If you missed the second episode I would strongly suggest watching it online. The only problem is we have to wait a whole week to find out if Randall is dead? This is so exciting!!
  • This show is original and I hope ABC sticks with it. Great Cast, Great Storytelling.

    I thought the pilot was great. I can not wait to see what happened as this story unfolds. I thought it was a unique concept. I have to wonder what show, some of the other "reviewers" were watching. Because this show was great, excellent casting and good story telling. I have been telling everyone to watch. And every show that has "flash-backs" is not a rip off of "Lost". I mean "Cold Case" was using flashbacks before lost.
  • The Nine sizzled in its premire.

    This could turn out to be one of the best new shows of the season. The premise is actually new which is amazingly refreshing. The viewer is caught up in wanting to know just what happened to each of the nine hostages for the 50 some hours they were held in the bank. Whatever happened, its interesting that all of them seem to have bonded in a very special way. Tim Daly is an excellent choice for the (somewhat flawed) policeman, Nick. Kim Raver is so much more lovely in this series than she was in 24. Lighting, makeup, hairstyle, wardrobe? Scott Wolf seems perfectly cast as the doctor, Jeremy. One of the most fasinating characters may prove to be John Billingsley as Egan Fotte. This actor has played awsome bad guys in the past in The Practice and more recently in Cold Case. It was a surprising ending hook to have the young girl, Felicia, go to see one of the bank robbers in jail! Can't wait for next Wednesday.
  • Nine people share in experiance of a bank robbery. A great show begins

    This show got me from the very beginning. This show is just like lost but takes place in reality. You see right before a bank robbery, and right after it ends. The story continues from there. I'm sure as the season goes on we'll learn what really happened in the bank in flashbacks. The main thing about this series is how the hostages cope with what happened in the bank and how it effects their lives, in both good and bad ways. Anyone who likes a great story and major character development should watch this show.
    Also the cast is great. From Timothy Daly playing Nick Cavanaugh a cop to Kim Raver playing Kathryn Hale a district attorny, also there's Scott Wolf. This was a great episode and it looks like it's going to be a great series.
  • This is a show that I had really become invested and was cancelled with no warning, please start this show back up or release them on dvd so we can see that rest of them. C'mon you cant treat us fans this way.

    This show is great and pulls you into it, I really got a chance to watch them all online and it turned out to be a great show. So why are they not showing the remaining episodes, how can they just table this show. It was a well made show and deserved a much better fate than what it was given, and the plot twists are all over the place I cant believe you dont want to finish this season of the Nine, or at least make it available to the fans. You had a great show there, please dont give up on it.
  • The Nine is a "TEN"...The best thing on TV in quite a while.

    I am very impressed with "The Nine". It is exciting, spellbinding and intense. The characters are developing in great detail, which is rare on a tv show. The directing is superb. The acting is top-notch. And the writing is just short of brilliant. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a show this much, which probably means it will be off the air by the end of the season. I would encourage everyone to watch this show and give it a chance. Cutting edge tv like this MUST be applauded and it MUST survive. Seldom do we get the chance to see television at its best, but this show gives us that chance. Enough with the "Reality TV"...This is "Real Drama" at its best. I sincely hope that the standard that this show has set for itself is maintained throughout the season.
  • Excellent format. Terrific opening episode. Those that made this show manage to actually create a sense of wishing to get to know the characters. However, it really has a limited format, very much like 24. Once the 52 hours are shown that should be it.

    Some familiar and very good actors, some unkwnown, at least to me and I watch a lot of shows. The pilot really shined to the extent I\'m annoyed that I now have to wait two months or more before the show actually begins. How the pilot managed to be released this early is something I\'m sure the producers are not particularly happy with - Unless they wanted to generate a groundswell of interest. Think of how many people watch 24 or Lost etc only via the downloads after the shows have aired and you might get some idea of just how many potential viewers this show has before its air date.

    I cannot agree that this would have made a good movie format. It is going to take several hours to develop the characters and tell their stories and that of the 52 hours in the bank. A movie could have told a good story, but nothing like what this can be as a set length series on TV.

    My view was the format was refreshing, nothing like most current dramas and there are some very good dramas out there right now. The quality of TV has improved markedly in the last couple of years, even if shows have to be shown on cable to be even a little adult or have any edge because of the US\'s ridiculus censorship system.

    I have a fear that the series could easily not live up to the pilot but that will depend on the writers I guess. They managed a pretty big impact in the pilot and it will be difficult to top this first episode, so my guess is there will be some that are dissappointed as the show actually develops simply because it will not be able to match the pilot each week. I, for one, will be happy to watch to see just how well the show manages.

  • in France we have 13 episode, but it looks like the show did stop in the usa on the 7th episode. I love the show and i would really like to know if i'll might "rester sur ma faim"...

    the show is on hiatus? But on abc they say that the show might be back in August? In france the show goes until the 13 episode does that mean that it's not the end of the season?
    Anyway, i can't wait to see the next episode!
    So bring it back!
  • Liked the way they introduced each character and how they tie into each other from the shared experience. the plot was well thought out.

    This one should make it through the season with out being axed. Like the characters and the way they have linked the teenager into the robbers --Great end of episode cliffhanger. Really like the way the characters interact with each other. Another nice feature of this series is the movement between past and present and the delicate balance between the characters after the trauma of the Bank robbery.
    I was worried the nine might mimic the 4400 in some ways but so far it hasn't and it doesn't copy any of the recent hits in this kind of drama. I am Optimistic it will live up to it's strong opening.
  • Very Promising

    The Nine is a show about 9 surviving hostages of a bank robbery. This show showed alot of potential tonight. The only minor issue to me will be all of the "relationships" that seem to be forming. I am going to give it a few episodes and see how it plays out first. The was plenty of mystery, suspense and creativity. I can't wait to see what happens next. The episode ended with quite a cliffhanger and I am very interestedto see how that plays out.
  • I thought this show was really good.. turns out, what do I know !!

    I started watching this show in France, every sunday night, two episodes in a row.. unfortunately in french but still loved it. The idea of 9 people being held hostage in a bank and then bonding in life is fantastic.
    I agree with some that the execution of it was not great but maybe they should have given this show a chance!
    It had all the elements to become succesful. Great characters/actors and so much possibility for storylines.
    My personal favourites were Kim Raven and Tim Daly.

    They should have turned this show into a mini-series with at least a satisfying end.. now it's keeping a lot of fans in the dark.. we will never know 'exactly' what happened in the bank.
  • When nine complete strangers enter a bank one unlucky afternoon they end up the hostages of a 52-hour bank hold up. In the end of the robbery, those nine strangers have forged an unbreakable bond with each other.

    This show will blow your mind! I smell the next Prison break/lost coming on. I could promise you that this is going be the hit of the season. Unless somewhere along the way the writers drop the ball, theres no way this show can fail. Nine strangers: A Cop, A doctor, A nurse, A Distert Attorny, A succidal guy, A bank Manger, The bank Managers daughter, and a bank teller. All get stuck in a 52 bank robbery, by the time they are freed, those nine strangers are now best friends. Every episode will start with a flashback to the bank revealing ten minutes of what exactly happend unside that bank I'm looking forward to watching this show and I do hope it doesn't fail. cause it has lots of potental.
  • Jeremy Kates killed the bank robber after he couldnt bring back alive one of the hostages by performing surgery. Jeremy also ended the affair he had with Franny that his girlfriend thats pregnant doesnt know about. But Jeremy doesn't know she is pregnant.

    First of all....I am a huge fan of this show.Its original and entertaining.Though some parts can be dull, still alot of times I am on my toes wondering whats going to happen next. Felicia Jones so far is my favorite story line but I am a huge fan of Scott Wolf. Him getting this show is a huge boost for his acting career seeing as how Bailey Salinger in Party of Five is totally different than Jeremy Kates in The Nine. Also Camille Guaty was outstanding when her sister died infront of her. Her acting ability is way better than "Gotta kick it up" made it out to be. Ladies and Gentlemen I give this show two thumbs way way up. But I'm wondering how its going to end???
  • Great show canceled again.

    I really like the premise of the show.
  • The Nine is a great show and has loads of potential. If only they showed more of the bank!

    I am standing by this show as long as it is on. The premise is great, but it restricts the show. If the show picked up the pace a little more it would be doing much better. The bank robbery premise does not make for a long term show so the producers are stretching it out to get as many episodes as they can out of it. Other than that this show is great. The characters are well developed and are given good amounts of background information. Once again the only problem is pace. Here that producers, speed it up and you will pick up viewers otherwise the nine will not last long.
  • It kept me tuned in for the whole show.

    I think this show has a lot of potential, but it will depend on the writers to keep us interested for the long run. After all, at some point, we're going to have the general idea of what happened in the bank, and the mystery will wear off, and then it will just depend on how much we've fallen in love with the characters. I thought that Scott Wolf's character and his girlfriend who is pregnant with his baby was an interesting storyline, but I was sad to see that he already has low morals to hop in bed with the sister of the deceased girl. I can appreciate that maybe he's unhappy in his relationship, that she was in mourning, I can understand how it happened, just not sure that I liked where that went. But it seems that the writers are not going to make a big deal of that with the way that the sister showed up for dinner at the end, all nonchalant and as if nothing took place between her and him.

    I also must say, the scene where it showed Malcolm, the bank manager and father, riveted to his seat with a stone face, his arms spread out, as if all he could do was sit there and focus his entire being on protecting his daughter, who was stashed under the desk behind him - I thought that was a very powerful scene, very moving.

    My verdict for "The Nine?" Definitely a better follow-up to "Lost" than "Invasion," but I just don't know how long it will last. We'll see!
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