The Nine

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • How violence has a lasting effect. That is the BROAD THEME of the show's mirco-cosimic charater driven drama.

    I applaud ABC for running a drama that no other show has tackled in such a way (in primetime before).
    My favorite new show where action, suspense, and TRUE daily drama of how violence has a lasting effect FINALLY portrayed on TV. This is TV's answer for the reminder that all that violence does MEAN SOMETHING!!?!!? It's so real for me to watch the aftermath of a single pivotal moment taking hold & causing internal charater struggle. That makes for good TV drama, unlike the pre-show of drama suspeniful Gilligan's Island...

    I'm sure that LOST is a good show. But I don't watch it & it seems to have a plot line & theme which (pun intended) seems LOST its' self.
    I think lost was beleivable somewhat after the movie Castaway came out & started people thinking. Now with The Nine, people are thinking more about the violence which we are seeing daily. Regaurdless of either from disstant country of Iraq, Afganistan, or right down the street in a PA Amish school house. violence touchs us all. It is of concern to all Americans. It goes to the fear of daily life. This I think has bigger & better teeth to sink in & make good actual drama. I wonder about Eggan Foot though. There seems to be as much back story as there is potental charater devolpement.

    I just love the show so far. Keep it up!!?!!?