The Nine

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • Very original and uniquely done if nothing else!

    Although this may never be considered a classic any time in the near future, you still have to give this brand new drama credit for its unique plot, emotional drive, and fluid writing. I only decided to watch this show because I like Kim Raver and at first I was bored by it and wondered how it could be so exciting. Now it's tying it up bit by bit by trying to show both the past and the present events all in one episode which should make you want to come back for me. Still, I can agree with some of the naysayers in that this show can be pretty slow/boring among other things but it shouldn't be if you think about the plot and struggles of each character. The wide array of characters are something I like about it after all: a once suicidal man who becomes the hero and finds a new meaning in life due to his friends, a young adult couple, the bank teller and her amnesiac (though sometimes annoying) daughter, a good/humble cop, and a prosecuter (Kim Raver). If this show is to continue, the writing has got to keep its flow and be able to keep up with how the bit-by-bit past events tie into the present-day situations. A good suspense level like Prison Break's may also be nice.
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